Hotel Safety

Ensure that your door is locked at all times utilising the internal security locking hasp.

  • If you receive a knock on the door, always check who it is before allowing them access. Even if you are expecting a visitor, always check to make sure that it is the person you are expecting.
  • It is easy for a criminal to gain access to your room if you let them in!
  • If you are unsure who the person is who wishes to gain access, call the hotel front desk / concierge to have them confirm identity.
  • This includes people who claim to be hotel staff or are dressed in a hotel uniform.

If your research has revealed that room security is likely to be sub-standard, consider bringing a portable inside locking device / door wedge that are becoming widely available.

Hotel Safety


When you are away from the hotel, it is important that your room still appears to be occupied to deter any possible threat. This can be achieved by quite simply leaving the radio or television on.

It is also inadvisable to leave a "Please Clean My Room" sign on the external door knob. It is an instant marker for a criminal that your room is unoccupied and your valuable possessions are ready for the taking. It is a much better option to arrange a time with housekeeping over the phone. Instead leave the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door.

If a thief is looking for a quick "smash and grab" operation, they will quickly scan all of the rooms on their targeted floor and find those that are obviously unoccupied and closest to their entry / exit point which will probably be the fire escape.

Securing Personal Possessions

Whilst you are away from the room, keep as many of your possessions in the safe as possible, including:

  • The photocopy of your passport, visa and entry stamps
  • Your vaccination certificate
  • Your plane ticket
  • Your spare credit card
  • Excess currency that you do not require that day
  • Spare pre-paid international sim card
  • Personal / Business Documents

Other valuables can often be stored in the hotels safe - but if this is not possible hide them in places that will not be immediately obvious to the smash and grab thief (under the bed, inside pillow cases, under rugs).

You can also hide items inside a sock and pin the sock into the folds of the curtains near the top