Brand New for Halloween Hotel Transylvania 2 Costumes

Hollywood studios are not always known for their originality. If a film is successful, they do not always let sleeping dogs lie and let them bask in the glory of a wonderfully told story. What studios do is create sequels and prequels to take advantage of the audience who has become enamored with the character it has created.

Sequels do not always live up to the expectations of the original. With rare exception (think of the Toy Story trilogy), there is a reason why Disney has most of their movie sequels go right to DVD. Parents will still spend the money buying it for their children and Disney can save a bundle of money because of the lack of promotion a DVD needs in comparison to a feature film. 

In 2012, Sony Pictures released the computer generated animated film Hotel Transylvania. Voiced by an outstanding cast that include Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg, and Kevin James, this film was a hit with moviegoers if not critics. The Hotel Transylvania was the getaway place for monsters of all kind. Run by Count Dracula, this gem of a property was hidden far away from humans.

Dracula, voiced by Sandler, was a single dad who was very overprotective of his only daughter, Mavis. She was getting older and he missed his baby girl. On her 118th birthday, he permitted her outside the walls of the hotel (having her followed by some of the hotel staff). All was going well until Jonathan, a human, stumbled upon Mavis and the hotel.

Despite all of Dracula’s attempts to prevent Mavis and Jonathan falling in love, they do. He has to harbor the secret that Jonathan is human, but eventually, that is leaked to everyone. IN the end, the monsters realize that all humans are not bad.

It has taken three years, but the release of Hotel Transylvania 2 is set for a September 25th release date.

The Plot of Hotel Transylvania 2

In the upcoming sequel, Mavis and Jonathan are now parents to Dennis. Because he is young, his parents are unsure of whether or not he will be a monster or a human. He looks human…but his Dracula-like characteristics have not yet emerged.

To make matters worse, Mavis is thinking of moving out of the hotel to live in the world of humans.  This alarms Dracula, who sets forth a great effort to make his grandson a vampire like him. Guess who comes to visit to help with this task?

Vlad the Vampire! Voiced by the fabulous Mel Brooks, he plays Dracula’s father. He is a bit disappointed to learn that his granddaughter married a human and that he is now the great-grandfather to a half monster/half human child. Will his cuteness overcome Vlad's grumpy demeaner?

Which world will win…the monster one of the mortal one?

We will have to wait to find out. In the meantime, kids are getting excited about the upcoming film because previews are in every theater this summer. And due to the fact that it is a spooky movie with a nearby Halloween release, Hotel Transylvania 2 Halloween costumes will be on many must have lists.

Dress in a Hotel Transylvania Mavis Costume for Halloween

She's always been a Daddy's Girl!

Hotel Transylvania Mavis Costume
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(price as of Nov 8, 2016)
She is the apple of her father's eye and of Jonathan's as well! This child/tween Mavis costume comes in three different sizes. It includes the black dress, the striped tights and the wig. Add your own red kicks, black eyeliner and black lipstick to complete this ensemble.

If it is cold outside, you can add a cape or a black jacket to offer
coverage and still be able to keep in character.

Hotel Transylvania 2 Dracula Costume

He is sweet, and he is least he is to Mavis and Dennis! He only wants what is best for his family, as long as they stay with him! In the movie, Dracula will do anything he can to ensure that Mavis, Jonathan and his beloved grandson Dennis stay at the hotel.

Hotel Transylvania 2 Dracula Costume for KidsCredit:

This Hotel Transylvania 2 Halloween Dracula costume for kids is made of polyester. It includes the shirt front, cape, mask and pants. All you have to do is provide your own black shoes or sneakers. It comes in Small, Medium and Large. Because it offers full coverage, it will keep your child warm if the air is chilly while you are trick or treating.

The Official Trailer

Many laugh out loud moments!

Don;t you just love this new version of "Twinkle, Twinkle?"

Mummy Costume That is Not Too Scary

The mummy is a close personal friend to Dracula. In fact, he is right by Dracula’s side when he decides to have a monster boot camp for his grandson to ensure that Dennis is indeed a monster and will continue to live with him at the hotel.

Hotel Transylvania 2 Mummy Costume for KidsCredit:

 This brand new Hotel Transylvania 2 Mummy costume for children comes in Small, Medium and large. This is a polyester jumpsuit with a separate headpiece.

Welcome to the Hotel

Hotel Transylvania Bell Hop Costume, Large
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(price as of Nov 8, 2016)
Every hotel needs a bell hop to help take your bags and guide you to your room. It is part of the hotel experience! This costume is perfect for Halloween and is on sale at a great discount!

Halloween costumes from Hotel Transylvania 2 are going to be a big hit with those who were fans of the first film.

Frankenstein is Also a Bestie to Dracula

Rubie's Costume Hotel Transylvania 2 Frankie Child Costume, Large
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(price as of Nov 8, 2016)
Available in three different sizes, this costume is priced to sell if your child is small. It comes with the jacket, the pants and the mask. Add your own sneakers for a comfortable and casual look.