Some of you may already know about the famous ski town located in the heart of Switzerland. Interlaken captured my mind and heart the first time I went, and I cannot stop thinking about going back to this day. Switzerland is home to many beautiful mountain towns, but Interlaken had a special buzz about it. The nightlife, the cuisine and the people make Interlaken a wonderful place to visit anytime of the year.

If you're an outdoor lover this place is a home base to endless outdoor activities. As you most likely are aware, Interlaken is in the Jungfrau region which means some of the finest skiing mountains in all of the Alps. If you visit in the summer, you're choices are still endless with mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing and beer drinking. Perhaps don't mix the last two together, please!


Hotels in Interlaken are a dime a dozen, and hostels are available but during the peak seasons you will struggle to find an open room. I always recommend booking way ahead just incase everything gets booked up before you even get there. Let's take a look at some of the hotels at all ends of the spectrum. There are bargain hotels in Interlaken, and of course there are some really high end luxury hotels to enjoy.

Hotel Interlaken: I started out with this hotel because it survived the second world war, and because I've had the pleasure of staying here before. Hotel Interlaken is located in the heart of the city which makes it a good home base to launch your daily or nightly activities from. It is fitted with modern designs, but still keeps that old Swiss ambience in tact. The hotel is also only 5 minutes from the train station, so catching a cab over or even walking is an easy option. The hotel has 61 rooms that are all non-smoking and equipped with a fast hard wired internet connection for all you addicts. Hotel Interlaken also has a Japanese garden outside, and inside you can wine and dine at the local bar or in the restaurant which serves some delicious Swiss cuisine.

Hotel Victoria-Jungfrau: If you prefer the finer things in life then take a minute to go over the pictures and available video online of the Victoria-Jungfrau hotel. Rooms here will run you a few hundred USD all the way to a few grand a night, depending on the room and spa packages you'd like of course. President's and royalty make use of the Tower Suite which is by far the most luxurious hotel room in all of Interlaken. This hotel is minutes walk from the city center and has enough good stuff inside that you'd never have to leave.

Hotel Rugenpark: If you're on a budget but don't want to sacrifice comfort and cleanliness then look no further. Hotel Rugenpark has won countless awards for their cleanliness, best value awards and hundreds of online reviews in a positive light. This hotel is more of a bed & breakfast and has a very home away from home feel which is always the way to go. Rates in the peak season are still reasonable, but if you come in the off you're looking at just above hostel prices!

Switzerland is often overlooked by a lot of first time Europe travelers, and even seasoned vets. The country is one of the most beautiful in the EU and no matter what time of the year, you're going to find endless outdoor wonders to explore. The Eurail system in Switzerland is well laid out and you can get a eurail pass to take you everwhere. The rail system really works great for skiiers in the Winter too allowing you to experience a whole range of the mountains available.