I used to be a penny pincher when it would come to the hotels that I would stay in. I would rather sleep in the car in Wal-Mart parking lot than to spend more than twenty bucks using a bed that hundreds of other people had already done God knows what in. I think this lack of love for hotels had come from my limited experiences with my family when we would go on vacation together an my father would put us up in the cheapest hotels that we could find. This rubbed off on me and when I was younger I too would search out te grimiest of sleeping spaces to save a dime. On my honeymoon, however, my eyes were opened to the comfort and lovliness of the finer hotel. We were put up in a Hampton Suite for the night and my world was changed. This probably sounds silly to those of you who already spend their nights away from home in the priciest places they can find, but for those who are used to the "curtain comforters" of most hotel chains, you can understand my new found affection. The sheets people, it was the sheets. The fine, soft, wavy sheets are the key. This not only makes you never want to get out of the bed, but can also make the sleep and...hint hint...and other hotel room activities that much more exciting and spectacular. Every time I search for a hotel now, I immediately look for the picture of the bed. I have to see the picture. The Hilton family is good for these sheets, including Hampton Inn and Suites. Hampton also does the breakfast. They aren't skimpy either. They not only have the tiny cereal boxes, but they treat you too eggs, biscuits and gravy, and all the rest of the traditional hotel breakfast foods. It is a bit more expensive than maybe some of the other chains but I promise you that the sheets make all the difference and the money that you will make up by not having to take your family to breakfast in the morning or order from the room service menu helps out too.