Hotels in Bahamas are easy to find. The whole archipelago is a veritable tourist destination. The country has hotels, resorts, villas, and inns for rent. There are bed & breakfasts, specialty lodgings, and vacation rentals.

However, in order to get the best one for you, especially if you are the conscientious kind looking for good bargains, it will entail a little effort on your part.

Do these simple steps and enjoy an authentic Caribbean holiday of fun in the sun, sea, and sand; not to mention one steeped in history and culture.

Step#1 - Choose your preferred time to go on holiday in the Bahamas. This will have an impact on your choice of lodgings. Going off-season means cheaper rates all around, but there is a reason why it is off-season. Perhaps these are the bad-weather days in the Caribbean, so come but come prepared.

Step#2 - Look for package deals. There are family packages, there are discount rooms for two, there are last minute deals, discount rates, and special prices.

These can be found by asking for them specifically from your travel agent. An alternative is to go online. There are numerous postings there. The important thing is to verify.

Step#3 - Draw an itinerary. This will help you choose the perfect area for your planned activities, from among all the hotels in Bahamas. If you plan for a beach holiday, then a hotel by the sea is ideal for you.

If you are more of the historical and cultural travel type, then get a hotel that is near these sites. If you are a party person, a hotel near the center of town where all the party places are accessible might be the one for you.

Once all the planning has been done, the bookings and the packing, make sure you loosen up and get on the vacationer's mood. Relax in one of the hotels in Bahamas that you have chosen, and let the islands and Bahamas beaches do their magic on you.