If you're planning a clubbing holiday in Ibiza more than likely you'll be thinking about booking a hotel in either San Antonio or Playa Den Bossa. These are the most popular bases for clubbers in Ibiza, but which is right for you? In this article we'll briefly compare each to help inform your Ibiza hotel booking.


There's not a great deal of difference in the average price of comparable hotels in San Antonio and Playa Den Bossa. San Antonio has greater choice and competition which drives down the cost of budget hotels slightly lower at the bottom end although more comfortable places are likely to cost you a little more in San Antonio than Playa Den Bossa for the same standard and facilities. Most hotels in Ibiza offer discounted rates for last minute bookings but you'll usually need to book your hotel online to take advantage of these as the rack rates if you walk in are usually higher.


On the whole Playa Den Bossa hotels are probably slightly superior when it comes to quality. Most clubbers will opt for Ibiza hotels with 3 stars or less so you have to accept that in this range your hotel may fore-go some of the frills you could expect in more expensive hotels. But let's face it, you don't go to Ibiza to hang out at your hotel. It's a clubbing holiday!

In San Antonio the very central hotels tend to have very small swimming pools due to their limited space. Communal areas like restaurants and bars are also often limited in cheap central hotels.

The club scene

San Antonio is more established as a clubbers resort and the nightlife around San Antonio is world famous with the lively bars of the West End and the superclubs along the waterfront- Eden and Es Paradis.

Playa Den Bossa also has it's fair share of nightlife the most famous of which being Space club, which is repeatedly voted the worlds best nightclub by various commentators. While you probably won't want to hit Space every night of your holiday, having a hotel near the club can be beneficial if you want to visit as it's notoriously tricky to get to and from at busy times due to taxi shortages. If you choose your Ibiza hotel in Playa Den Bossa you'll also be some what obliged to check out bora bora beach bar as it's a) free and b) one of the most fun party places in Ibiza.

Whichever resort you choose, for nightlife you won't go wanting. A short taxi ride will land you at the other side of the island or Ibiza Town for a change of scenery.


San Antonio beach is nothing special. It's a narrow stretch of sand set just off the centre of town with fast food joints and bars along the promenade. You can play a game of volleyball and people watch ok for a few hours but you'll be better off hoping on one of the regular boats out to some of Ibiza's better beaches for a day in the sun.

Playa Den Bossa on the East coast has a better local beach and more clubbers staying at hotels in Playa Den Bossa spend their days at the beach than you'll see in San Antonio which has more of a poolside culture.

Other considerations

  • Playa Den Bossa is closer to Ibiza's only airport so it's a shorter transfer if you choose Playa for your hotel in Ibiza.
  • San Antonio has good transport links via it's port meaning you can get to the more far flunge stretches of Ibiza and secluded beaches with ease.
  • Why not book a cheap flight to Ibiza then spend a few nights in San Antonio before moving to a hotel over on Playa Den Bossa. Get the best of both worlds!
  • You could always rent a villa in Ibiza instead - if you've got a big group this can often work out cheaper than each booking a hotel room.