Finding a hotel featuring Sleep Number Beds is a must for some travelers. Some users report problems with these specialty mattresses but they still sell very well. If you're used to a Sleep Number Bed, chances are sleeping on a regular mattress will not result in sound sleep. Vacationers especially require a good night's sleep since they are looking to relax or recover from a day full of sightseeing. To make your stay away from home as comfortable as possible some travelers must find hotels that offer the Sleep Number Bed


Radisson is the only major hotel chain to feature the Sleep Number Bed in nearly all of its locations. Not every room at a Radisson hotel features the Sleep Number Bed but customers can ask for a Sleep Number room specifically. If one of these rooms is requested, Radisson almost always makes sure the customer gets one.

Which Radisson hotels have these special beds available?

Nearly every stateside Radisson features a few Sleep Number rooms. There are only a handful that have none. There are also many Radisson locations overseas that feature these beds. The likelihood outside of the United States is a bit lower.

Even if you book online with Radisson, it is best to make a call to the hotel where you are staying to reserve a Sleep Number Room. During busy travel seasons, these rooms will fill up first and it is important to ensure that you have one for yourself.

Other Hotels Featuring the Sleep Number Bed

Many smaller chains and independently owned hotels, resorts and bed and breakfasts offer this specialty bed.  These hotels can easily be found by entering 'Sleep Number Bed' into any travel sites search bar. Expedia and Travelocity both make it simple to find hotels that offer the Sleep Number Bed.

Problems with Sleep Number Beds at Hotels

Travelers have reported issues with broken beds or beds that smell like mold in hotel rooms. These specialty beds have moving parts and a reported tendency to harbor mold in their pumps and air chambers. There really is no way to know if a hotel's beds are up to par before visiting but when you call to confirm your bed at a hotel, ask the hotel staff if they know the bed works or how long the beds have been in the hotel.

They will not likely know the answer but they may check on the bed if they are aware that a 'finicky' customer will be arriving soon. If you have serious allergies to mold or mildew, I suggest avoiding hotel rooms with Sleep Number Beds. Unless it is a four star hotel, chances are the bed is not maintained as well as your own Sleep Number.

When you're on vacation, for the most comfortable stay, look for hotels that offer the Sleep Number Bed.

Sleep Number Bed
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