While discussing our plans to move to a new house with my brother, he said in advance that he would be gifting me a washing machine and gave me the privilege of picking it out. Having heard a lot of good things about the Hotpoint WT960P Washing Machine from my friends, I dropped this name and he promptly got it delivered on the house warming day. White being my favorite color, I chose the Polar White and the Graphite Grey is also equally good. This measures about 33.5x23.5x23 inches and has an enormous capacity to hold 7 kg clothes. I wash clothes on alternate days for saving power and at times just twice a week and for that this high volume machine is pretty decent.

Before operating it, as usual I looked into the manual and for a change this was very descriptive and gave in depth detail of all functions and keys without leaving any room for ambiguity. Even first time users can do with precision avoiding induction. In simple lucid and clear English this covers almost all the wash options and also tells you about rinse hold, pre wash, extra wash, clothes type, amount of detergent, time duration, ideal temperature, spin speed and reduced crease. If you are not comfortable with the kg calculation and wondering how much you can introduce inside the tub without overloading it, which is also explained in the manual in terms of number of clothes.

Apart from the classic white look what really amazed me is how silently it operates. You can her only the sound of water while it fills the machine and is drained out. I am not saying for the sake of it and you must trust me when I say that many times I had to check whether the Hotpoint WT960P Washing Machine s running or not. Most significant feature of this machine according to me is the 1600 rpm Spin speed that almost dries the clothes and I put them in tumble dryer only in case of emergency. It saves considerable amount of power and especially after using previous 900 rpm spinner, I can obviously feel the difference. Towards the end of spinning, clothes come out of the walls and you don't have to dig into holder.

What impressed me more than the 16 Wash Programs and 24 hr Delay Timer is the blue colored LCD display. Not only before staring the machine but also while running, the LCD displays can be read without strain and this tells you about the selected program, temperature, spin speed, current operation and time left. Though you cannot alter the programme once set in motion, the LCD display allows you to see the setting before starting. Not only that, all the keys are like touch screen and there is no raised button or protruding knob to rotate. Simplicity of operation coupled with quality durable construction along with neat washing style and silent running makes Hotpoint an overall good washing machine.