Toys R Us recently released a 2009 list of the hottest toys for children for 2009. The list includes a total of 36 toys, with 15 that are considered their "Fabulous 15 Toys". These consist of various toys and games manufactured by companies such as Hasbro, Fisher Price and Cephia, LLC, a newcomer to the list. The toys come from popular movies, feature educational and mind games as well as furry little pets that children are going crazy for across the country. In this article we'll take a look at several of these hot toys for the 2009 holiday season.

First up we have the Zhu Zhu pets hamsters. You more than likely have heard many kids asking for these popular toy pets. These innovative new toys by Cephia LLC are plush, electronic hamsters who have a mind of their own. That mind is due to a built-in artificial intelligence that allows kids to press a button and watch the hamster become loving or like an explorer as it scurries around on the ground. There's tons of cool accessories that can be bought to further add to the play experience with these little toys, and they seem to be very popular amongst a wide range of boys and girls. You'll definitely continue to hear a lot about these ZhuZhu's!

Next, there is the new NERF N-Strike Rapid Raider CS-35 made by Hasbro. This item is a cool toy for older kids to enjoy, as long as safety and proper use are considered important. Some parents might not like the concept as it is a shooting toy, which fires soft darts out of it, but it's relatively harmless with the soft ammo. Kids can use these to have their own games of dart tag indoors or outdoors. It features a single fire and slam fire multishot mode for different shots, and holds plenty of soft dart ammo. This blue rifle dart blaster sells for about $35 in stores and online. You can purchase clip dart refill packs for it as well.

A final toy on the hot list to consider is the Color Me a Song from Crayola Beginnings. This item is for younger children, particularly toddlers. It features a great way to get your toddler working on their creativity skills using art and music. With Color Me a Song they scribble or draw on the piece of paper placed over the toy. The faster they move their crayon, the quicker the pace of the music becomes. It features four styles of tunes with rock, salsa, swing and country. This item is best suited for ages 24 months - 6 years, and will surely be a big hit this coming holiday season.

Your children may be asking for the same items above or other popular toys and games. Make sure to do your shopping soon so you can avoid the rush for these hot items. You never know when someone will get the last one just before you arrive to the stores!