My Recipe Book Page(100441)

As of this writing, the majority of recipe apps available for the iPad focus on finding recipes online and managing them.  While these are no doubt useful, I have been waiting for a slightly different kind, one that would allow me to input and organize my own recipe collection.  It has finally arrived and it’s hard to believe all that it offers.

MY Recipe Book makes it painless to input information from Word or a text program without having to type each and every one into the app manually.  They can be transferred along with a photo of the dish from your computer, onto a page.  Of course if all your favorites are on scraps of paper, you have the option of typing them in too.  It goes without saying, that the food photos look spectacular on iPad's big screen!

My Recipe Book Photo Page

Getting Organized

All entries are organized by category labels and can be assigned to more than one group to make them easier to find.  For instance, a shrimp salad could appear as both “Salads” and “Seafood”.  You also have the convenience of adding your own labels if you like.  I wanted to remember which items were given to me by my sister so I created a label with her name.  If you like to entertain, another handy entry would be “dinner parties”, where you could keep track of what meals you served to company in the past.

It's easy to search and collect recipes from the Internet, then add them to the app.  You make it happen with just one click of the “easy import” button.  This feature isn’t limited to one or two websites, but several.  And on sites where the “easy import” feature doesn’t work, you can easily grab the information you want with the copy and paste function.  A well-designed template offers separate windows for ingredients, instructions, servings, etc.

My Recipe Book Template(100444)

Making Your Job Easy

A grocery list is automatically generated from your pages and can be printed out or emailed to your iPhone so there's no more need to write a grocery list for the same meals week after week.  If you don’t take your iPad with you to the grocery store, you can see the list on your phone while you shop.

Does your lasagne dish serve four people and you have ten coming to dinner?  Just select the number ten in the “servings multiplier”.  Each ingredient will be automatically recalculated for ten people.  The servings can be switched back to the original number at any time.

My Recipe Book Servings Multiplier

Did you know there are 60 drops in a teaspoon?  If math wasn’t you favorite subject, you’ll love the “volume conversions” feature.  “Metric and Imperial weight conversions” also pop to the screen any time you need them.  Need “temperature conversions”?  They’re just a click away.

Ever work with a page of cooking directions on your kitchen counter that you can’t read from the sink or oven?  The “font adjuster” will zoom in on directions and ingredients 12 times, enlarging the type so it can be clearly seen from several feet away.

Need to keep track of cooking times for more than one item?  Multiple timers can be set to run simultaneously.  Each is labeled so when it goes off, you will be reminded which item is ready.

If you don't know what to cook click "surprise me" and the app will suggest something. Don't like it? Click the button again and it will give you a different one.  

There are times in our lives, especially in households with children, when we're rushed to prepare a meal.  Only have 30 minutes?  Click the "ready time" pop up list which will supply you with a list of all 30-minute recipes available.

My Recipe Book does exactly what an organizational app should; make your life easier.  This may be the best $2 I’ve ever spent.