Every homeowner wants to have a clean house. Most people only have time cleaning their house once or twice a week. This time duration would even make the cleaning task harder and would make you lazy by just looking at what you have to clean.

In case your house had already turned upside down and you can see used clothes, dust, and garbage everywhere, this may make you feel devastated and may trigger to change your mind in cleaning the house because you are confused on where to start cleaning.

You can organize your cleaning strategy by following a house cleaning checklist. With a checklist at hand, you can avoid wandering too much on where to start cleaning or how or when to clean. Below are steps on how to make a house cleaning checklist.

1. Decide on what cleaning schedule you should have. Before you write down your entire cleaning task, decide first if you are going to clean weekly or daily. This would narrow your goal on what specific task should be made within that day or week.

2. List the cleaning task by room. For a more organize cleaning schedule, separately list the task for each room. Below is an example format.


  • Clean the shower stalls and scrub the sink, toilet tanks, tile and sink.

  • Disinfect the sink, tubs and toilet tanks.

  • Remove dirty towels and garbage cellophane and change it with a new one.

  • Clean the vanity area through wiping it and also clean the mirror.

  • After sweeping, scrub the floor

  • Wipe out the dust in all areas.

  • Check every area in the bathroom.


  • Clean and disinfect the sink.

  • Remove the dirt of the countertops, backsplashes and cabinets through wiping it with a wet cloth.

  • Clean the inside and outside part of all the appliances

  • Remove the trash and change it with a new trash can.

  • Wash the dishes and all other things that you need to wash.

  • Sweep the floor and scrub it.

  • Wipe out the dust in all areas.

Family Room

  • Wipe tables and other surface areas with a wet cloth.

  • Remove pieces of paper or clutter.

  • Wipe picture frames and other framed objects.

  • Arrange the objects found in the area and ruffle the pillow in the sofa.

  • Dust the floor by using a vacuum.


  • Change the bed linen.

  • Wipe the picture frames and other framed objects.

  • Dust the appliances and check the light switches.

  • Remove all laundry from the basket

  • Empty trash and change the trash liner with a new one.

  • Wipe or dust window sills.

  • Dust the floor by using the vacuum.

You can also add other cleaning task for each room for the specific object or appliances you have in your house. If you have other room to clean like a music room and etc, just add it to the list together with the specific cleaning task you must perform.

3. You can also list separately your customized task, weekly task or occasional task. Try to do this by enclosing the task in a box and label them. This would help you what to do, if it is just a weekly task or occasional task.

4. Post your house cleaning checklist where you can easily see it.

5. If possible, change your checklist every month or after every three months.

Easy Cleaning Tips

  1. After making a schedule, stick to it. Don’t change your mind and start the cleaning immediately so you will not be distracted.

  2. Determine the specific task you have trouble finishing. Set a specific time when to do it.

  3. Ask for help from people you live with.

  4. Place your cleaning materials in one place and bring it with you where you are going to clean so you will not waste time going back to get some forgotten cleaning tools.

  5. Use an appropriate cleaning product.

  6. Get a clutter free home. Throw garbage and other things that you don’t need and use anymore.

Remember that having an organized or “cute” house cleaning checklistis not a guarantee that you’ll do the task perfectly. You must use the checklist effectively by not missing any task.