DIY Project - Install a House Number Sign

House Number Sign

Do you have a legible house number sign?

Is your house number sign easy to find?

Can your house number sign be read from the street?

If you answered 'yes' to the above questions, then you have done a good job of identifying your home.

However, if you answered 'no' to any of these questions, please read on, and add this as a do it yourself project.

Why should you install a house number sign? There are several very important reasons we need these signs. Suppose there was a need for the police, the fire department, or you have a medical emergency, could they easily find your house? Even though most police, fire, and emergency/rescue departments have equipment to locate your home, their jobs would be easier if you also had a legible house number sign.

In some communities and rural areas, we depend on volunteer fire and rescue departments. These volunteers step up to help their neighbors out in emergency situations, and they may not have all the latest equipment to find your home. And in some cases, they travel to emergencies in their own vehicles, so house number signs are imperative for them to locate you.

Other reasons for a legible house number sign are: it makes delivery of mail and packages easier, and new friends will be able to find your home.

There are several types and styles of house number signs. Some are fancy and some are just simple numbers. Prices are all over the board. Before choosing, go out in your car, drive down your street, and appraise your property. Where would the best place be to post your house number sign so it could be seen from the vantage point of someone driving? Where would someone most likely look for the number?

With this information, you are now ready to look for, and purchase, a house number sign. Shop online first to see what is available, and determine exactly what style and type of sign would be best for your property. Do you want a sign with just the number on it? Or, what about a house number sign that includes the name of the street? And then, there are plaques large enough to accommodate your name, house number, and street name. After determining what would work best at your place, then either order it online, or go to your local home improvement store.

In these tough times, it seems the less information we share with the world at large is better; consider whether you want to display your name on these signs. Give this some thought before purchasing your house number sign. There are both pros and cons for including the name on these signs.

A decorative house number sign would make a great housewarming gift. Also, check out your parents' property; is their house number sign in good repair? If not, do them a great service, and update it for them. Order them a new house number sign as a gift.

At a minimum, purchase numbers large enough to read from the street, and install them where most people would look for them. It will make it easier for someone to find your house if you have a house number sign.

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