Plants and Flower Arrangement Gift Ideas

Roses and Orchid Arrangements

Valentine's Day is almost synonymous with giving roses and sending flowers. The sight of roses reportedly increases Serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain that carries messages about happiness. When someone sees roses their brain sends signals that enhances feelings of well-being, making that person feel better, even if it is momentarily. Making someone happy is part of the reason flowers, especially roses, top the list of gift ideas.  Roses and mixed flower arrangements are perfect gifts for making someone smile, forgive, or cheer up. There are many occasions when sending roses, orchids, and live plant or flower arrangements are appreciated -- Valentine's day, anniversaries, Easter, thank you/appreciation, apologies, condolences, Mother's Day, all holidays, and special times just because.

Valentine's day is the #1 day for flower retailers. Valentine's day is the day of lovers where red roses are a traditional gesture of love. Roses are not the only flower that people like to give and receive. If you are not into the traditional red roses flower gifting for your Valentines, consider live plant alternatives. Some men and women are allergic to flowers, others are not fans of the most popular red roses, the number one flower given on Valentine's day. Roses are not the only flowers for Valentine's day. Hydrangeas, clematis, peonies, and other types of flowers make excellent gifts, too.

Orchid Flower Arrangements

Orchids are another flower favorite making orchid flower arrangements a nice gift idea.  Orchids come in all different colors, sizes, and shapes so they are great unique flower arrangements for wives, girlfriends, and other loved ones.   A beautiful and unique orchid arrangement is the two-stemmed purple Phalaenopsis orchid from Red Envelope. This unique orchid arrangement, gift idea will last for 8-12 weeks and bloom several times. The neat twist on this purple orchid is that it actually grows into the shape of a heart out of the two flowers. The purple Phalaenopsis heart shaped orchid comes in a white ceramic vase.

Live orchid flower arrangements are one option.  Artificial orchid arrangements are gifts that last longer.  Silk flower arrangements like the faux Phalaenopsis orchid are very nice.  The advantage of giving a silk orchid flower arrangement is that the recipient can put it anywhere without worrying about it too much.  Silk orchids come in a variety of styles.  The Mini Tranquility Platter Phalaenopsis Orchid is a well-rated artificial silk flower arrangement available on Amazon.  Customer reviews comment on the realty of these silk faux orchids.  Flowers are nice gifts for your wife or girlfriend, especially if she is an orchid fan.   

House Plants and Potted Plants - Gift Ideas for Valentines

Flowers are not the only uplifting gift you can give for Valentine's day. Potted plants are another great gift idea for Valentine's day. Fresh cut flowers are always pretty, but they die. Some may see this as wasteful, so there are plenty of other live plants and flowers that you can buy from a flower store or home and garden store. Picking out different lives plants and flowers and making a flower basket gift is a nice gift that continues to grow. There are all sorts of small plants and flowers that can make a great hanging basket or flower and plant bouquet. Since spring will be here soon enough you can put together a flower and plant arrangement that includes seeds, mini roses, and flowers that can be transplanted later. The Desert Rose Bonsai is another beautiful house plant. If you are thinking that an actual plant is a great idea, but the person you are buying for tends to fare poorly with live plants, the Bonsai is a good choice. Philodendrons are another amazingly strong house plant. House plants are great gifts and always brighten a home or work environment.

Flowers Arrangements for the Office - Ideas for Employees

An easy office decoration is a beautiful and thoughtful flower arrangement, especially if they are going to sit somewhere both employees and customers can enjoy them. A dozen roses can be expensive, but no one said that everyone needs a dozen roses. If these roses are for the office then you can buy a few single roses and fix them up with baby's breath or some other garnishes. Putting the roses and flower arrangement in a vase adds a finished touch. A fresh arrangement of roses and other flowers are a nice  Valentine's office decoration that also sends a gesture of appreciation.

Since Valentine's Day is about sharing appreciation or affection for friends, family, co-workers, and others that we value or care about, personal expression is highly valued. Any time you can add a personal message to your gift is another gift in itself. Too often family and friends go through life without really hearing that they are cared about by others. If you are an employer who has had a particularly rough time in the economy or the office place just needs a morale boost then personalize some Valentine's day cards and give them to your employees.