House window repair is a job well within the abilities of most householders. Whether it is a bit of rot in a softwood frame or a broken handle in a PVC window frame you can fix them yourself.

House Window Repair-Rot

Softwood windows do suffer from wet rot, especially inside, where condensation collects next to the glass. You may also find rot in outside window sills.

Once you have rot in your softwood windows the only long-term solution is to replace them, but you can delay replacing them by a bit of simple DIY.

Treating Wet Rot In Outside Window Sills

Cut all the rot out until you get down to solid wood. Buy a proprietary wood hardener that you can paint on to damp, soft wood to strengthen it. Paint on the wood hardener and leave it to dry.

Buy some wood filler and use it to fill the hole in your window sill. Build it up in layers about a quarter of an inch thick. Avoid over filling the hole. Allow your layers to dry for a day before applying the next one. Use a fine surface wood filler for the final eighth of an inch. Allow this to dry then sand it down with fine sand paper. Repaint your window sill and it will look like new.

Treating Wet Rot Next To The Glass In Softwood Window Frames

This is a bigger problem. Any solution will only extend the life of your window frames by a few years, so if you come across wet rot like this during a major makeover project it is best to replace the window frame.

Carefully cut away any wet rot, being careful not to cut yourself on the glass or to damage the glass. When you reach solid wood, if you reach solid wood, paint on a proprietary wood hardening solution and allow it to dry.

Carefully fill the hole you have cut away with a waterproof wood filler. Be careful not to overfill the hole. Sand the filler down and repaint your window frame.

Replacing Softwood Window Frames

You can fit a new window frame yourself using a few simple tools.

Measure the current window frame and buy a replacement the same size. Measure the windows in your new frame and order glass to fit those window openings. Buy glazing pins and putty as well as a putty-knife.

Cut between the old window frame and the wall with a pad saw. This cuts through any nails or screws holding it in place. Remove any glass panes, probably by breaking them. Saw through the old frame and remove it from its position.

Lift the new window frame into position. Make sure it is seated hard against the brickwork. Screw through the frame into the surrounding brickwork to fix it in place.

Fit the window glass panes, using the glazing pins to hold the glass in place. Apply the glazing putty using your putty-knife to give a waterproof seal between the glass and the window frame.

Replacing Softwood Window Frames With Hardwood or PVC Windows

This is a better long-term solution. PVC window frames will last forever with no maintenance and your house will be a lot warmer with double-glazed units fitted. This is a job best done by a window installation company.