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House of Lies Season 1 Episode 2

Episode one of House of Lies opens with Marty Kaan (Don Cheadle) naked and in bed with a naked woman. He desperately tries to wake the naked woman to no avail. He wrestles the woman into her clothes and props her up in a nearby chair and places her laptop on her lap. As he finishes dressing his son Roscoe walks in wearing a skirt and tights. We find out that the passed out woman in the chair is Roscoe’s mom when Roscoe asks Marty why his mom is there. We find out that Roscoe’s mom  is in fact Marty’s ex-wife, Monica.

Marty sits down to eat breakfast with his dad Jeremiah(Glen Turman) and son. Roscoe tells Marty that he’s going to try out for the part of Sandy in his school’s production of Grease. Marty tells him to go for it and and  his grandfather encourages him as well.

We find out that Marty’s dad is a retired “shrink” and helps Marty raise his son. He thinks Marty should give his son more positive attention to help his son deal with his gender issues. Marty thinks he should avoid confronting him about it. We also find out that Marty is a management consultant that makes 7-figures a year.

Don meets his colleagues Doug, Genie and Clyde at the aiport to catch a plane to New York to meet their clients at Metro Capital Bank .They discuss their upcoming meeting and Don tells Genie that he’s going to find out her little secret. She says she doesn’t have one.  As they pull up to the office of Metro Capital Bank they see a woman who’s been living in a card box on the steps of MetroCapital. There is a sign posted on the front of her “house with a sign that reads, ‘My New Home Thanks to Metro Capital.’ Its revealed that Metro Capital Bank helped contribute to the subprime housing market and that the CEOs still received huge bonuses.

Marty is taken to the boardroom to talk to the CEOs of Metro Capital. He thinks he’s going to win them over by using flattery, indecipheralable jargon and bunch of other tricks but all of his tricks fall flat. While Marty and his team get together to regroup and come up a with a strategy to help MetroCapital he gets a call from the principle of Roscoe’s school, Mrs. Gita. She calls to tell Marty that Roscoe got the part of Sandy but that another student, Brittany Koffman was upset that she didn’t part and told her mother, who thinks that a boy should have a boy part. Marty tells Principle Gita that his boy got the part fair and square and hangs up. His co-workers give him a hard time about Roscoe playing a female part.

Marty and his team decided to go to an expensive sushi restaurant and on the way there Genie asks Marty why its so important that she have a secret for him to find out about. He tells her that its because they’re probably going to end up sleeping together. She laughs him off.

Instead of a sushi restaurant they end up going to a a strip club instead. Marty flirts with a stripper all night. He leaves the strip club with her and the two go get breakfast together were they run into Greg from MetroCapital He asks who the woman is that he’s with and she tell him that she’s Marty’s wife, April. Greg invites Marty and April to dinner with him and his wife. He shows up to MetroCapital in the same clothes he had on the day before. He tells them about his dinner plans with Greg. He tells his team to find as much dirt about MetroCapital as possible. As he walks outside he sees his Monica his ex-wife who works for the #1 management consulting firm Kinsley Johnson. (Marty works for the #2 consulting firm.) He finds out that he’s been “double booked” which means that MetroCapital has hired another consulting firm to pitch a proposal as well because they don’t think Marty and his team are competent enough to handle the job. Monica reveals that she knows Roscoe wants to play Sandy in the school play. It’s suggested that she isn’t very involved in Roscoe’s up bringing but she tells Marty that she doesn’t like the fact that he allows Roscoe to “flounce around” like a “tranny.”  He tells her that Roscoe is just experimenting with different expressions of gender identification.

While he’s outside Marty talks to the lady in the card box about MetroCapital.

Later that night he takes April the stripper to dinner with Ray and his wife,  April excuses herself to go the bathroom and Rachel goes with her. Greg y tells Marty that Rachel is boring in bed. When they get inside the bathroom Rachel pins April against the wall and kisses her. She admits that a week into her marriage she discovered that she likes women more than she realized. The two women get intimate in a bathroom stall. They go back to the table and the four of them get drunk together. Rachel reveals that she and April had sex in the bathroom. Marty and Rachel try to sneak out the restaurant but before they do Marty and Greg get into a fight in the restaurant.

The next morning at MetroCapital  Marty and his team wait while the associates from Kinsley Johnson give their proposal to the CEOs. Genie is visibly upset with Marty because of his fist fight with Greg. She tells him that she will never sleep with him. She also reveals that she knows about his mother’s suicide and she thinks that he partially blames himself.  He tells Genie that he knows that they will have sex now because it will be a “pity bang.”

Monica and the Kinsley Johnson associates finish their proposal . Greg, who has a black eye from his fight with Marty escorts Marty and his team into the boardroom to give their proposal. Marty shows a video of people talking about how much they dislike MetroCapitol. He then shows a video with K. Warren depicted as a hero. They then tell the CEOs about their loan amnesty plan for their customers and their strategy to make them appear to be helpful and remorseful while still being able to accept to their bonuses with no backlash.

When Marty gets back to LA he goes to Roscoe’s school to meet with Principle Gita and Brittany’s mom who Marty is attracted to. The three of them decide that Brittany should play Sandy and Roscoe should play Rizzo. Roscoe objects to playing Rizzo because she’s a “slut.” Roscoe ends up playing Rizzo in the school play. Meanwhile Marty and Brittany’s mom have sex in her minivan. They make it inside the school in time to see Roscoe and Brittany singing.

The end of House of Lies episode one ends with Marty shaving in front of the bathroom mirror.