Most of us are experiencing problems with uncontrollable weight gain. That is why south beach diets and fitness centers have boomed greatly in the past years. Since then, we relied to the experts to commercially handle our diets and exercise. But have you ever thought about doing your exercise at home by practicing household chores instead?

In this article, I will discuss with you the advantages of doing the things we hate at home in losing weight. But before you prefer the complete and sophisticated fitness gadgets offered at the gym, may I remind you that it will only burn your fat and weekly budget; and when you go home with all the mess, you will be too tired already to be productive and neat at home. Might as well do the chores instead right?

The following are the household chores that help you burn fats:

  1. Carrying 1-15 lbs upstairs- whether it is a food tray, briefcase, duffle bag, freshly ironed clothes, or even carrying your pet; this activity if lasted at least 15minutes can lose 68 calories.
  2. Sweeping carpet or floors- no matter how tiring it may seem, this activity will burn you 45 calories in 15 minutes.
  3. Mopping- for this, it will reduce you 95 calories in 30 minutes.
  4. Making the bed- aside from folding blankets and arranging pillows, it includes changing the mattress and pillow cases. Approximately it will take 20 minutes to get done and it will drop you 36 calories.
  5. Childcare- this is just about everything you do for your kid such as feeding, bathing and the like. For each 30 minute activity, you will be less than 78 calories.
  6. Laundry- for 1 1/2 hour of doing the laundry, you will get to lose 150 calories.
  7. Cooking- preparing and cooking meals for only 30 minutes, you will burn out 52 calories.
  8. Cleaning sink/ toilet- approximately it will take 30 minutes; and you can shake off 68 calories.
  9. Vacuuming- if it is a light vacuuming activity that lasts for 30 minutes, 95 calories will be reduced.
  10. Feeding your pet- this is for those who prefer to cook their pet's meals. It will take at least 5 minutes to get done. Also, your calories will be less than 11 for just taking care of your pet.
  11. Gardening- for this, it will only take you 30 minutes to lose 104 calories.
  12. Grooming- whether you are sitting or standing, 30 minutes grooming will burn you 54 calories.
  13. Hairstyling- for ordinary work hairstyle that finishes for 20 minutes takes you off 22 calories.
  14. House cleaning- cleaning the whole house in general for 1 hour, you drop 156 calories.
  15. Ironing- since it will take up at least 30 minutes; this chore will burn you 62 calories.
  16. Mowing lawn- it will reduce you 156 calories for using push mowers in 30 minutes.
  17. Storing groceries- organizing your groceries for 15 minutes, you shake off 34 calories.
  18. Scrubbing floors, bathroom, bathtub- you do this for 30 minutes and you lose 104 calories.
  19. Serving food from a table- this is for ordinary or everyday meal serving at home from breakfast to dinner. And this will make you less than 33 calories.
  20. Washing dishes- either you do this for 15 minutes in sitting or standing position, you will burn 31 calories from it.

Some of you may think these chores don't have great improvements in losing weight or staying fit. But you must remember that losing weight is always accompanied by our control in eating healthily. So even if you do all these chores everyday or even excessively, it won't work for you if you're only going to pig out after. So save yourself from expensive gym equipments that will only take up too much space in your home and just do these household chores. It will definitely keep you in shape and your house clean as well!