Recently, I stopped into an antique shop and saw the owner digging through some large boxes. Inside the boxes were all types of old household items, including loads of old paper, old advertising, old food containers, etc., etc.

"You'll never believe where I got most of this stuff!" he commented. "The garbage!"

It seems a family was cleaning out an estate and--while keeping a few items they thought were valuable--they'd thrown away literally hundreds of dollars worth of other valuable old items.

Don't make the mistake that family did! Many, many unusual and interesting items can have value to collectors, including:

* Old Cereal Boxes - old cereal boxes from the 1950's and 1960's can be worth hundreds, particularly if they feature popular cereal characters like Cap'n Crunch, Quisp, Fruit Brute, etc., etc.

* Old Food Products Boxes and Containers - It's not just old cereal boxes that can be worth big money. Many types of old food advertising can be valuable, including soda pop cans, beer cans, spice containers, kid's food items,candy wrappers and much more. When in doubt, research!

* Ticket stubs - Ticket stubs from old sporting events (World Series, etc.), rock concerts (Beatles, etc.) and just about any unique event are worth more than you think! The reason? As the title to this post says, everyone through them away!

* Old oil cans and garage items - nostalgia for old automotive and gas station collectibles is very strong. Anything with unique or colorful advertising can have value to collectors.

* Old Phone Books - The older, the better. And the more interesting the location, the more value.

* Old Postcards - postcards are an especially hot commodity at the moment. Especially sought after: "real photo" scenes, old street scenes and advertising scenes.

* Certain NEW Women's Magazines - Did you know that First and early issues of magazines like "Martha Stewart's Living" and "Oprah" can sell for $150 or more? If you have any earlier issues around, be sure and do an eBay "completed item" search and find out what they're worth!

* Old Fishing Tackle - If there's an old tackle box sitting in your garage or attic, be sure and let a knowledgeable collector have a look before you get rid of it. There are many old fishing items that can sell for hundreds of dollars!

* Old Photographs - While there is limited interest in photos of your relatives, there may be great value in old photos showing early or unique street scenes, advertising, movie scenes, native americans, etc., etc.

* Auto and Road Maps - Certain early road maps can have great value, especially those from before the "freeway" period of the 1950's. Maps issued by oil companies are generally more valuable than those "official" maps issued by tourist bureaus.

This is just a short list, but you get the idea. If it was a throw-away item that may carry nostalgia for someone, it's probably worth more than you think! Research before you throw!