There are many tips using house hold items that can save you lots of money, time and stress. Being a mom of 3 I have come to find many fast easy tricks to the many messes my kids manged to make on a daily basis. I will come back and update this article as I find more tips and tricks that I know for a fact work well. Happy reading and good luck with the problem at hand!

Laundry Tips and Tricks

1) Sour Smelling laundry - 1 cup of vinegar will take the sour smell out. I prefer to wash by itself with vinegar then again with detergent to have a "clean smell" to my clothes. Washing with detergent is not a must as they will be clean just no smell.

Nail Polish in the Carpet (this has been my worst nightmare and the longest to find a fix for)

1) Believe it or not Carburetor cleaner will actually take the nail polish out of the carpet. Make sure to keep the windows open and fans going but I saw it take bright blue polish out of a light pink carpet.

Markers- whether it be on skin, walls, dolls, etc

1)Nail Polish Remover will take a marker off of just about anything.

2) Magic Eraser- Some people swear by a magic eraser, I thought saw it more of elbow grease scrubbing off layers of whatever I was trying to clean haha.


1) WD-40, I came by this by complete accident. I had some ants coming into the house and remembered a friend of mine saying the night before anything with aerosol will kill ants. Knowing I had not ant killer I grabbed a can of Pledge and sprayed it. It did kill the ants that were there but a few hours later they were back looking for the cookie their friends had found. I then opened the cabinet and grabbed the first can I saw to get them dead again. Low and behold I sprayed with WD-40 and they NEVER came back. I swear my house it built on a ant mound and always turn to the wd-40 to keep the ants out.


1) Bag of Water with a coin in it- I saw this on a friends door and was like what the heck! They said it keeps the flies out of the house they see the bag as a spider web, so now anytime I have my doors open to let the air in I have a bag of water hanging from the door to keep the Flies out.