Houseplants are gaining in popularity as air purifiers. Everyone is increasingly becoming aware of the environment and the harmful effects of poor air quality due to gas emissions. Houseplants are nature's answer to eliminate polluted air inside homes. Very easily maintainable and pretty to look at they help clear all the harmful toxins that fill your home, by ensuring your home environment remains healthy and pure. Most of us spend nearly all our lives staying indoors and when the quality of air inside the home becomes polluted due to various pollutants then we become sick and afflicted with various diseases.

While the easiest way to purify air in homes is to buy air purifiers sold in the market, if you are concerned about polluting the environment then you should consider house plants. How do house plants work as air purifiers? Everyone knows that plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and through a process called photosynthesis they release pure oxygen into the atmosphere which is very vital for our breathing. Plants work just like mechanical air filters. The difference is that they are natural and don't require electricity to work them.

Your home may be looking absolutely spic and span with not a single speck of dust around, but the air inside the house remains stagnant and the atmosphere polluted. You and your family will be breathing in stale air without your knowledge. Houseplants require very little maintenance. All they ask for is some watering on a daily basis and a little sunshine once a week. They help beautify your home and keep the air inside clean.

Buy your houseplants from your local nursery. Look for plants like Chrysanthemum that help remove toxic cigarette smoke. What houseplants ask in return for keeping your indoor environment free from toxins is juts a little love and care. House plants are your answer to expensive air purifiers, and in the long run, they will produce a lot more positive qualitities than an air purifier. It is important to remember that using both together is the best way to get perfect results.