You are throwing a party, and you invited a lot of guests. However, you are worried that your guests are going to be bored because you have nothing besides drinks and food. When people go to parties, they want to have the time of their lives. Your goal is to achieve that. I am sharing with you some good ideas that are going to turn your guests being bored to:


You will want them to tell everyone that your housewarming party was the best they every experienced.

Party Games

Depending on the age group of your guests, you can find games that are suitable for the different age groups. The best games are the ones that are playable for all age groups.


Having a Wii at your house with Wii party games is suitable for everyone. The games that you should have are sports, action or singing games. Guests will start playing, have fun and meet other people. It is a great ice-breaker for them.

Board or Puzzle Games

I personally enjoy playing Taboo and Catch Phrase. Taboo is a word guessing game. The objective is to have your partner or group guess that word without using certain words that is related to the word you are trying to describe. For example, in the card that says yearbook, you cannot use the words photos, class, sign, memories and school. If you say those words, you get a point deduction. Your opponent will be watching the person that is describing to ensure he or she doesn’t use those words. Fun stuff!


Catch Phrase is similar to Taboo, except that it is a little blue machine with electronic timer. The goal of the game is to make sure you are not holding the machine when the timer goes off. Your guests will be sitting in a circle. They spilt into 2 groups, with each group member sitting beside their opponent. Each group will have a person that will be describing the word while other members will be guessing. Your group has to guess it right before the machine can be passed to your opponent. If the timer goes off during the opponents hands, your group wins a point. The team that gets 7 points wins.

These two games are very good to get your guests to socialize and have a good time.

Other games like Scramble, Mafia, Squeak Piggy Squeak and Truth or Dare are great games as well. Think about what your guests would enjoy and go with whichever you think it is good. 

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Decorating Your House with Different Party Supplies

You could spice up your house with different decorations. Depending on the theme of your housewarming party, you can come up with some fresh ideas. You could do a Disney theme, where you use Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or any popular Disney characters to make it very fantasy like. Dinosaur themes are unique as well. Hello Kitty decorations are popular if your party has more women. Star Wars theme is great if your housewarming party has more science fiction fans. Just think about the people you are inviting. What do they like? Brainstorm a little and you will be able to come up with the different types of themes.

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Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt will definitely be a great way to get your guests to explore your house without having you to be a tour guide. If you have stuff that you don’t want guests to go to, just restrict the scavenger hunt to certain areas. The guest that gets the most wins a prize. This will really excite the guests as well. Everybody loves to win prizes, no matter how small the prize is.

Hire a Bartender, Singer or Dancer

If your guests are at the suitable age to drink, you could set up a mini-bar at your house with pre-selected drink menus. Better yet, you could get help from your friends who are willing to be the bartender and get free drinks all night. I am sure they will volunteer to help you. That way, you do not have to pay for a bartender. As for dancers, you could hire belly dancers or any dancers that you enjoy watching. You could also look for bands or singers that would like to perform at a smaller stage.


Fake Tattoo Stickers, Mustaches or Party Masks

One of best ways to make your guests feel welcomed is to put a basket of items that they could use before they enter the house. You could request that they put on fake tattoo stickers. Mustaches are funny because you request that they all look like Borat. Women will have a fun time trying to look like men. Party masks are also a great way to add a certain mystery to the guests. They will have a harder time trying to figure who is who. It feels like a huge guessing game.

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Have a DJ Booth with Music of Your Choice

Music is a must have in housewarming parties. You can either have your own sound system that has pre-selected music, or you could get a DJ to let your guests choose the music that they like. It definitely makes the party much livelier, and it gets your guests to dance if they feel the music. After all, your guests want to have fun, and dancing is one of the ways that they can have fun. They also get to socialize and make new friends as well.


Themed Party

If you are feeling adventurous, you can have a Themed Party. You request that each guess show up with certain criteria. Here are some ideas:

  1. 19XX Themed Party
  2. African Themed Party
  3. Disco Themed Party
  4. Film Legends Themed Party
  5. Rock Start Themed Party
  6. Star Wars Themed Party
  7. Zombies Themed Party
  8. Scottish Themed Party
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Not only do themed parties get your guests excited, they will be stoked that they get to show their fashion sense as well.

Tour Guide

A housewarming party will feel a little out of place when there are no tour guides to guide them around the house. You can get your friend or family member to be the tour guide, and get your guests to explore the house, so that they feel more comfortable in your house. Having a guest asking where the restroom is could be an uncomfortable situation at times. Having a tour guide will also solve simple questions that they have in regards to finding stuff in your house.