If you are thinking about keeping frogs as pets in your home. The most important part of the pet care is going to be housing the frogs. The best place to house your pet frogs is going to be a frog aquarium, but before you jump in and buy the first aquarium that you see in the pet store, here are a few things that you need to take into consideration first. The first thing is going to be what type of frog aquarium should I go for.

Lets go through the different types of aquarium that are available to your pet frogs. The first one that we are going to look at is the terrestrial tank. Basically this is a large aquarium tank which has a water supply and substrate, this type is well suited for frogs and toads who prefer the drier climates. The water supply is usually a bowl of water and the substrate is gravel.

The second type of frog aquarium that we are going to look at is the half and half tank, basically this is an aquarium which is set up that half of the tank is land mass and the other half is water. The easiest and quickest way to achieve this is with giant rocks or with specially made separators that you can buy at your local pet store. The third type of frog aquarium is the aquatic tank model, basically this is an aquarium tank filled with water as you would use to keep fish. The cleaning and up keep is the same as you would do for a fish tank, but frogs will shed a lot of skin. So it might be a good idea to house a few goldfish in the tank as well. Because they will eat the shedded frog skin which will help to keep the tank clean for longer. Make sure though that you don't put breeds of frogs in there that like to eat fish. Otherwise the goldfish are not going to last long in there.

The final type of frog aquarium that we are looking at is the arboreal tank. This type of tank is a tall square or hexagon shaped tank with plenty of branches inside for the frogs to climb on. This type of frog aquarium is most suited to tree frogs that spend their time high up on tree branches. It is best to read up on the type of frog that you plan on buying to make sure that you buy a frog aquarium that is as close to that type of frogs natural habitat as you can.