This year has been especially brutal in the winter weather department for Texans, and they cannot wait until April to thaw out, so the next best thing will be to take a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula. People especially in East Texas are used to mostly mild winters where the mercury stays within a forty to fifty-five degree range. This year, they have been tormented with wind chill factors near the ten degrees mark. The Super Bowl game in Dallas was recently threatened with snow and ice storms, as the city of Dallas is not really set up to handle such weather.

Tulum Mexico Instead Of Cancun

Less Crowds - Semi Private Beachfront Cabanas

Sure Cancun is nice, and all, but for a real treat, or treasured escape Tulum Mexico should be the preferred destination for your getaway. No crowds, or real touristy stuff that costs a lot of money, just the most gorgeous views of the Caribbean, and the bonus of being less than twenty feet away from the water when exiting your rented villa, or casita. The cabanas Tulum offers are perfect for a honeymoon or romantic getaway for two. The house at the Slice of Paradise resort offers a semi private beach, and sleeping arrangements for a entire family.

Cabans Tulum Mexico Offers For Their Guests

Only Less Than Twenty Feet Away From The Blue Water Of Tankah Bay

Cabanas Tulum
Credit: Ty Counts - Slice of Paradise

Tulum Instead of The Bigger Resorts

The secret behind this tropical paradise is that it is far enough away from Cancun, and Playa del Carmen that people will not want to usually rent a car, or take an hour long taxi ride down to the Tulum beach resort area. There are not any major airports near Tankah Bay, and this makes the area more private, and keeps the crowds away, because they do not want to go the extra miles. Lucky for you that this isolated beachfront village is not well known, and congested. It is so beautiful that Sports Illustrated has flown down in previous years to photograph all the super models on the perfect white beaches for the annual Bathing Suit edition.

Video of Tulum Mexico Beachfront Views

The Lapping Blue Waters of Tankah Bay

Thing To Do In Tulum Mexico

Tour The Tulum Ruins

The only place you might see crowds are from the busloads of people they bring down from Cancun so the tourists can check out the Tulum Ruins. This does not mean you should avoid the almost forgotten city of the once mighty Mayans, but rather go before they crowds arrive, or wait until late afternoon when they have left.

If anyone in your party loves to scuba dive or go snorkeling then they will really enjoy the bay area, and the fresh water Cenotes that have miles of underwater caves to tour with a professional guide.