Do you want to know how to start running so you can get in shape or reach that goal you have of running a marathon? Everyone has a different reason for starting out, but the same tips are recommended for every starter.

  • Find your why - Figure out exactly why you want to start running so you can use that reason to get going in the beginning. Maybe it’s simply to get healthier, get in shape or start preparing for a marathon. This emotional reason will also keep you on track, better than discipline, when you don’t feel like going out for a run. A good reason is always stronger than discipline.
  • Find a good running route - Depending on where you live, find a running route that is close to your home. Ideally a route that starts from your home and ends by your home. Map out a distance you think you can complete without stopping once. It doesn’t matter how short your route is. If you have never run before and you find it very hard, start with walking that distance and feel free to start jogging at any time. Whenever you get tired you can start walking again. Do this two times a week and you will slowly begin to increase your stamina.
  • Find a running partner - Find a running partner who is on the same level as you, or a level above. This is a great way to start because you can motivate and push each other, like you wouldn’t be able to do on your own. It’s also much more fun to run with a friend you enjoy spending time with. If you find someone who is at a level above you that's even better because he or she can give you valuable tips to increase your stamina and running skills.
  • Get the right running shoes - It’s very important that you have good shoes when you first start to run. There’s nothing worse than getting sore feet that stops you from running. Bad shoes can also cause pain in your legs, knees and back. Getting new shoes can almost make you feel lighter and faster, which is a great feeling when you struggle in the beginning. Go to your local Nike or Foot Locker store and try a few shoes out. Feel free to ask for advice and they will be more than happy to help you out.
  • Music and tracking - If you decide to run alone, it's really nice to have your phone or another music device so you can listen to your favourite music. Listening to music while running can both get you motivated (depending on the tempo) and in a way make you forget that you struggle while you run. Another great thing to get you motivated is to track your progress using an app for your phone or use a pulse watch that can track speed and distance. There's nothing cooler than seeing the progress you’ve made from the first time you ran up until now.


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