CONGRATULATIONS! you've just taken your first step to getting clear skin! Learning about how to treat acne the right way is the first and one of the most important steps!
From personal experience, I was able to clear acne using 3 products all under $4.00 and available at a local store, such as Safeway. Before these three products, i relied solely on Clearasil deep pore cleaning pads twice a day, which could not prevent serious acne.
Follow these easy, daily steps and you will be acne free!

cleaning pads

Things You Will Need

1) Oxy 10% facewash oxy10 facewash
2) PanOxyl 10% acne soap bar acne soap bar
3) Clearasil tinted acne cream tinted cream
4) L otion - preferably containing Aloe Vera

Step 1

When taking your morning routine to the bathroom to brush your teeth, hair, etc, take 1-2 minutes to wash your face using the PanOxyl Soap Bar. I recommend not using this in the shower because the shower's spray beats on the bar, causing loss of soap, wasting money. Wash your face with water after applying the bar and spot dry your face using a clean towel.
Next using the Clearasil Tinted Cream, apply to spots where acne is visibly bad. This cream offers some help to reduce redness of zits yet i solely use it for the purpose of covering the zits, while still treating them. Applying Lotion after this step may be needed caused by dry skin. Aloe Vera helps clear Acne scars as well as keeps skin healthy.

Step 2

When in the Shower use the PanOxyl 10% face wash to cleanse your face. Wash away the acne treatment in the shower and then spot dry when completing the shower. After completely drying off, the use of lotion my be needed and is a good idea before falling asleep.

Step 3

Whenever you do an activity outside or inside that causes you to sweat, use the Oxyl soap bar to quickly clean your face to prevent acne. This is quite easy and takes only 1 min.

Step 4

Spending the day on a lake, or at a pool can help treat acne without the use of outside suppliments. Just the sun and lotion solely can help treat acne very well in about 1-2 days. Jumping in and out of the water to take short breaks allows your skin to dry out then with the use of lotion acne can be solved faster than ever.

These easy steps can make you happier than ever, as you will no longer hid your face in pictures. Good luck! Clear skin is just around the corner.

Tips & Warnings

Dry skin will occur so make sure lotion is available wherever you are. Carrying around a small hotel lotion is a smart idea.
This may not work for all people, caused by genetics.