Heat Wave10 Things That Can Help You Overcome the Summer Heat

When it is really hot out sometimes it is difficult to find ways to overcome the insane temperatures brought on by summer. Follow some of these 10 tricks to beating the heat and dealing with the heat will be a breeze.

10. Air Conditioning

Either get central air conditioning installed in your home, or purchase a portable air conditioning unit. They will help keep your house or apartment much cooler. Just make sure to turn it off when you aren't at home to conserve energy. You would be surprised how quickly your rooms will cool down once you turn on the AC so no need to leave it on all day.

If you don't have air conditioning, and can't afford to buy a mobile unit, get a bucket and fill it with ice. Place a fan behind it and blow it in the general direction of the room you are in. It might not be air conditioning, but the ice bucket trick is leaps and bounds ahead of having no cooling system!

9. Stay Hydrated

During the summer you should be drinking at least four liters of water a day. Not drinking enough fluids can cause dehydration which is extremely unhealthy. Drinking plenty of fluids also has a cooling effect on your body. Keep a few bottles chilled in the fridge and you will be much more likely to drink them. Even if you just fill them with tap water, an ice cold bottle of water is much more tempting than water straight out of the tap or a warm bottle of water.

8. Keep your Lights OFF and Blinds Closed

During the day, when the sun is out, make sure to try and keep as many lights off as possible. Not only will this reduce energy consumption but the small amounts of heat the lights give off can add up. Also, by keeping your blinds or window coverings shut, you can help reflect some of the heat out of the house.

7. Don't use your Stove or Oven

Using your stove or oven is going to create a lot of heat inside your home. Unless you have air conditioning going in your kitchen, get outside and use your Grill or BBQ!

6. Sunscreen SPF 15+

If it is sunny outside, there are definitely skin damaging UV rays as well. Even if you have darker skin, to prevent damage and pre mature aging, make sure you wear some sun screen that is SPF 15 or better. If you are going to use SPF 15, make sure you apply it generously and frequently as it is not very strong. SPF 30 is much better in terms of protecting you.

5. Light Colored Clothing

Light reflects off lighter colored clothing which helps to keep your clothing from getting too warm. Since the sun reflects less off darker colors, they wind up absorbing more energy which results in you getting hotter faster.

4. Open a Window When Bathing

To keep humidity down, open a window while showering or taking a bath. By reducing the humidity you will make your place less muggy! Don't forget to close it after all the steam leaves the room though!

3. Have an Ice Cold Bath

If you can't find anywhere to get away from the heat in your place, poor a cold bath and throw a few ice cubes in it. Your body will cool down extremely quickly and provide you some relief.

2. Refrigerated Aloe Vera Gel

If you or anybody in your family has a tendency to get sun burns, always keep a tube of aloe gel in the fridge. The vitamins contained in aloe in combination with the moisturizing effect it has are extremely soothing on your skin in the event of a burn; it also helps you recover quicker.

1. Freeze Water Bottles

Keep bottles of water in your freezer to make mini ice packs. You can then hold them against your neck, wrists, forehead or other warm body parts to help cool you down.