If you have ever tried to take a screen shot of a video running in Windows Media Player, either on your desktop or when watching a video online, you probably got frustrated with the fact that the video just shows up as a black square when you paste it in your favorite photo editing software. Fortunately there are two different solutions to this issue, both of which I will outline in this article.

Click AdvancedMethod 1: Use Overlays

In Windows Media Player go to the file menu up top and click Tools > Options

Once in options, select the performance tab.

Near the bottom under 'Video Acceleration' there is an advanced button, click it.

In the 'video acceleration frame' on the new window, uncheck 'Use Overlays'

That's it! You are done.

You can now take a screen shot by using print screen or alt-print screen if you just want to capture what is in Windows Media Player

Video Acceleration SliderMethod 2: Remove Video Acceleration

The second method is almost the same as the first, except we will be removing Video acceleration instead of removing overlays.

To remove Video Acceleration follow these steps:
In the file of menu of Windows Media Player click Tools > Options

Click on the performance tab

At the bottom where it says Video Acceleration, pull the slider from the right side where it says 'full' to the left side where it says 'none'.

That's it! Capture screen shots of your video