Baked potato's are an American tradition and to compliment this national treat, what better activity then camping? Typically, you are stuck eating hot dogs, burgers and potato chips, but not any more because we are going to teach you how to cook a potato using the coals from your camp fire.

The first thing we are going to want to do is build a nice camp fire. Build a decent sized fire, but not something that is going to take 3 hours to burn out. After all, we do want to use the coals to cook these potatoes!

Wrapped PotatoOnce you have the fire burning, go clean off however many potatoes you would like to cook. Cut off any strange bumps off the potatoes and wrap them in tin foil.

After the fire burns out, it is time to get our act together. Gather all your wrapped potatoes and bring them over to the fire.

The next step is to place the tin foil wrapped potatoes in the hot coals. First place them all on top of the coals, then use a shovel to dig the existing hot coals on top of the potatoes, slightly burying them in the hot embers.

Tinfoil Wrapped PotatoThe next step is the waiting game. We are going to wait roughly 40 minutes while the potatoes cook in the natural heat off the hot coals. While the potatoes cook you can use this time to prepare the rest of your meal. I highly suggest a nice thick juicy steak; my personal favorites for camping are rib eyes and sirloins!

Once roughly 40 minutes have passed by, try jamming your thumb into the potato (be careful they are hot!). If your thumb can press into the potato your spuds are most likely done. If the potato feels really firm, you should probably toss them back in the coals for another 10 to 15 minutes tLoaded Baked Potatohen perform the thumb test again.

Once your potatoes are done cooking, get out your favorite toppings and load your potato up however you like it. I love to put cheese whiz and steamed broccoli on mine, but anything will do!