Salmon FiletSince Salmon contains a fair amount of healthy fats, it is one of the better pieces of fish for grilling since fat prevents the meat from becoming dry. Another great thing about salmon is that it doesn't require much marinating or seasoning to taste good grilled. Simple seasonings or marinades will almost always result in a great tasting salmon filet.

Grilling Instructions:

Grilling your salmon starts at the grocery store. When selecting your salmon filet, aim for a filet that is roughly one inch thick. An inch is going to be the ideal thickness to create a nicely cooked filet.

If you want to season both sides of your salmon, you should remove the skin; keeping the skin on does help to prevent the salmon from becoming dry since the skin contains quite a bit of fat which will keep your salmon juicy. Removing the skin is ultimately a matter of preference.

Next, season or marinade to taste. Salmon has a naturally strong flavor so too much seasoning is not necessary. Salt, pepper and dill are some common seasonings used, often in conjunction with a little lemon juice. If you want to marinade your salmon, make sure you do not leave it in the marinade sauce for more than 15 minutes. If you do, the acid in the marinade can start to eat away at the fish causing it to become mushy once cooked. One thing I find tastes exceptional on grilled salmon is a little bit of stone ground mustard or horse radish. Apply the mustard or horseradish just before you put it on the grill and allow it to cook in. The flavor is unbelievable!

Once you've seasoned your fish you are probably going to want to cook it! Pre-Heat your grill to medium-high temperature. Once you've got it pre-heated we need to decide how you want to cook your fish. You can either place it on tinfoil to prevent it from sticking to the grill, or you can brush your grill with some oil to allow your fish to get some nice grill lines.

Once you've placed the fish on the grill, cook it on the first side for roughly 8-10 minutes. Once the salmon starts to become an opaque color, it is time to flip it and cook the other side for an additional 8-10 minutes! Do your best to make sure the flames do not touch the fish. If you have a grill without flavorizer bars (flame protectors) you will probably want to use tinfoil under your fish to prevent it from getting charred.

Congratulations, if everything went as planned you should have some lovely healthy salmon filets prepped and ready to be eaten with a salad.

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