If you are in a rush, cooking in the microwave usually gets the cooking done faster without dirtying up pots and pans. In this case, you are looking to whip up your scrambled eggs quickly without completely covering your frying pan in egg residue or maybe you are at work and don't have access to a stove. Whatever the case, cooking scrambled eggs in the microwave is extremely easy.

Microwave Scrambled EggsPut as many eggs as you would like to eat into a microwave safe bowl. Scramble them with a whisk or a fork and add a table spoon of milk or water.

Next, place your eggs in the microwave, and cook them for 40 seconds on HIGH power. Remove every 40 seconds and stir your eggs up. Stirring them every 40 seconds is extremely important otherwise you will wind up with a giant egg loaf that has a slightly slimy texture.

Continue cooking and stirring until your eggs are completely cooked to your liking. Toss is some salt and pepper or whatever other condiments you like and you have yourself some scrambled eggs in less than five minutes.