3D Glasses Jewel CaseLazy Man's Jewel Case 3D Glasses

Who honestly keeps a pair of 3D glasses around their home for one of those rare occasions when you may need to watch a 3D movie or read a 3D comic book?

You could run to your local hobby store and buy a pair, or you could be creative and build some 3D goggles with cardboard and red/blue acetate, but let's face it, we are lazy people! We are lazy, and we will probably only ever use these once so why put in the time and effort.

I want to make myself some ghetto one time use 3D glasses and I don't want to leave my house.

What Supplies Will I Need to Make 3D Glasses?

  • 1 red marker
  • 1 blue marker
  • 1 clear CD jewel case

The 3D Glasses Building Process

This is probably the hardest part about making these glasses aside from dealing with the inherent laughter if anybody catches you using these. Put the jewel case up to your face and place a dot where each of your eyes will be seeing through the plastic. Next, color one section red, and one section blue. If you are really lazy, you can just cover one half of the case red and the other half blue; this removes the measuring dimension, making this even more of a lazy Sunday project.

That's it! You are done! You have manufactured a set of 3D glasses using nothing but markers and a jewel case. This is how Mcgyver watches Shrek 3d on his dvd player made out of a shoebox and a laser pen!