Jager BombJager bombs have become very popular with the rise of energy drinks. The combination of red bull and Jagermeister provides a different feeling that drinking straight alcohol. This is caused by the caffeine in the Red Bull counteracting the depressant properties of alcohol. This creates a pumped up aware sensation that has been a hit in night clubs and bars alike. There is slightly more volume than your standard shot, yet less liquid to be drank than a standard drink.

To make a Jager Bomb, you will need the following ingredients :
1/2 can of Red Bull energy drink
2oz Jagermeister herbal liqueur

To make the drink, pour half a can of red bull in a short glass and 2 oz of Jagermeister into a shot glass. Drop the shot glass into red bull trying to keep the shot glass from spilling in the red bull. Drink the drink as fast as you can and the Jagermeister and Red Bull will mix as you chug it.

Drink responsibly!