Red BullVodka Red Bull is a alcoholic beverage that has become extremely popular in the last few years. The popularity is most likely due to the fact that a can of Red Bull contains just shy of 80mg of caffeine which counteracts the alcohol and helps keep you awake. Warnings that alcohol and caffeine are not the healthiest mix has had no affect on the market and you can even buy pre mixed energy drinks with Vodka in them at liquor stores.

If you are looking to make yourself a Vodka Red Bull, it is as simple as making yourself a high ball.

You will need the following ingredients
1.5-3oz Vodka
1 Can Red Bull

Fill a high ball glass with ice, then mix in desired amount of alcohol. If you want a single Vodka Red Bull, mix in 1.5oz vodka, if you want a double 3oz of Vodka should be added.

Next, slowly pour in your can of red bull, if it doesn't all fit, either add more Red Bull as you drink your drink, or save it to mix a second beverage.