Creating Hidden Files & Folders in Windows

There are some times when you want to hide files from certain individuals. If the person you want to hide a file from isn't the most computer savvy you can easily just change the attribute of the file or folder to hide it from prying eyes.

First, find the file or folder you would like to make hidden; right click on this item and then click properties.

At the bottom, in the attributes options click the check box 'hidden'. This will give your file or folder the hidden attribute.

If your computer is setup to hide hidden files, the file will not be shown on the desktop or in the folder once the desktop has been refreshed. If your computer is set to show hidden files, the file or folder will still be shown but will be more transparent. This is so you can find your hidden files when you decide you want to find them.

To make it so the hidden files are completely invisible. Inside of any folder, click the tools option in the file menu, then click folder options.

Hidden FilesOnce the Folder Options window has popped up, select the view tab and go down to 'Hidden files and folders' and click the 'Do not show hidden files and folders'. Once you click apply, your hidden files and folders will not be visible when browsing your computer. If you want to find them again, come back to the view option in Folder Options and change 'Do not show hidden files and folders' to 'Show hidden files and folders'.

This trick is great for hiding personal diaries or any other dirty little secrets you might not want others to see.