Instant Coffee PowderSome of us just don't have the time, or have the need to make an entire pot of coffee. For us people we have the wonders of instant coffee. Instant coffee is basically brewed coffee dehydrolized down into coffee granules that instantly become soluable when added to water.

To prepare a single serving of instant coffee, you must first obtain hot water. You can do this by boiling water or microwaving some water in another container aside from your mug.

Next, put one heaping teaspoon of instant coffee into your mug. If you like your coffee stronger take a bigger teaspoon, if you like your coffee weaker, make you teaspoon less heaping.

Next, from your hot water supply, take one teaspoon of hot water and mix it in with the instant coffee granules. If you use any form of sweetener I would add it in now.

Use your spoon to squish the granules of coffee, moisture and sweetener against the edge of the mug.

Stir in the rest of the hot water.

IF you use any milk or creamer, add it to the mix at this point.

If you flavor your coffee with cinnamon, honey, vanilla extract or some other fancy product, you should mix that in now.

Put your remaining instant coffee mixture back in the freezer in an air tight container so it stays fresh for next time.