How to make your own clip-on hair extentions

Hair Extensions are a great way to add body and length to your hair in a moments notice. For those of us that don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on permanent hair extensions that not only wreck your hair but become ratty looking after a month or so, clip on hair is the answer.

There are so many different styles, lengths and colors that are available it is hard not to find a style and color that is a perfect match to your own. The most popular hair extensions are ones that you can put underneath the top layer of your hair, this way no one will know the extensions are there. Clip on hair extensions are widely available but are also very pricey like the semi-permanent ones. These clip on hair extensions are typically not the best quality and are not always the look, color or length that you want. So why not make your own?

How-to Make Your Own Extensions

There are many hair salons or actual hair extension stores that sell hair on a roll and you tell them how much you would like. This is similar to buying fabric from a fabric store, they sell it by the yard and you tell them how much you want off the roll. When deciding on how much hair you want you first must know the width of your hair line on the lower back part of your head. Once you know the width of the hair extension then you must decide on how many hair extensions you would like. I would recommend 3-4 individual hair extensions, this way you can have some extensions that are curly and some that are straight. Most of the time the salons will cut you one large piece of the hair and you will have to cut your individual hair pieces. But don't worry the hair extensions are easy enough to cut with any pair of scissors.

You then must purchase hair clips that have little combs so that they stay in your hair, typically the place that sold you the hair will sell these. Make sure you buy two hair clips for every hair piece. Once you have your hair and the hair clips all you have to do is cut the hair to fit your head and sew the hair clips on each end of the extentions by hand. You will not only save tons of money, you will also have your own custom made hair extensions that actually fit the shape of your head.