If you want to have any ringtone at your fingertips and you are sick of buying a song and then having to buy the ringtone then here is one of probably many methods of converting an MP3 file into a ringtone for free.

This method requires three programs:

  1. The first program you get for free when your purchase your Blackberry phone, it's the media manger program which is included on your Blackberry Desktop Manager disc.
  2. The second two programs you will have to download yourself. First you will have to find a free .MP3 to .WAV converter. I use "123 MP3 to WAV Converter", you have to pay for this program if you want it to convert 100% of the song but since we only need about 5 to 10 seconds of the song there is no need to buy the full version.
  3. The last program you need is a free .WAV editor. The program I found that seems to work fine is "Audacity".

Four easy steps and your done:

  1. The first step is to convert your .MP3 file to a .WAV file that can be edited by your .WAV editor. This is easy with "123 MP3 to WAV Converter". All you have to do is open the program and click on the open file button, pick the MP3 file you wish to convert and then click the convert button. Make sure you take a look at the output file so you can find the new .WAV file.
  2. Once you have a .WAV file, open it using your wave editor. With "Audacity" once the file is open you will see the track waveform displayed. The track waveform looks like a line of horizontal scirbbles which represent the sound waves of the song. You now need to find the part of the song you like and delete everything before and after it. Try to look for the very small sections in the waveform to start and end your ringtone because these are the quiet parts of the song.
  3. Now that you have edited the .WAV file you need to export the file to a folder. Make sure that you export the file as a .WAV file and you don't just save the project.
  4. The last step is to transfer your new ringtone to your Blackberry. There is no need to convert your file back to an MP3 because conveniently your Blackberry will play .WAV files. Simply drag your new ringtone into the appropriate file on you phone and set your ringtones.

Tip: If the volume on your ringtone is to quiet or loud then you can adjust it using the amplify option under the effect menu on "Audacity".