While my many other Info Barrel articles detail what specific steps you should take to make your Facebook group achieve a viral status, this article will assume that you have done that already. The inherent functionality of Facebook's groups' platform, should you achieve this viral state, could bring you 500-1,000 new members every day and you must be prepared to handle such massive influx of users. Your daily membership growth numbers could certainly be more, or they could be less, dependent upon how well you have successfully executed the steps detailed in my previous articles.

For now, not only do Facebook group creators tend to consistently under utilize the features available to them when managing their Facebook group, but, oftentimes, groups are created only to be left stagnant. The more actively involved you are in your group, believe it or not, the more revenue generating potential that could occur. This Info Barrel article will be written, like my many other Info Barrel articles about Facebook, about my experience growing, and managing, a Facebook group to where it currently sits at 250,000+ members, with 500-1,000 new members joining consistently, every day, for over a year and a half.

Firstly, you must ensure that you assign fellow administrators to your group. This must be done immediately upon your creation of your group for a variety of reasons. While it may be exciting to have each new member that joins your group automatically see that you are the sole person responsible for creating your Facebook group, having fellow administrators assigned is absolutely imperative because this action will serve as a bit of an insurance policy, in the event that anything ever happens to your Facebook account. Whether you intend to get your Facebook account disabled, or not, it does happen, especially when you are passionate about a product, or service, and find yourself over-promoting it.

Had you created a million member Facebook group, which was the result of over a year of hard work, if you had not assigned a fellow administrator, your group would simply cease to exist if your account is ever disabled. Unfortunately, assigning fellow moderators won't suffice. This is a simply applied insurance policy, of sorts, that can really save you a lot of heartache in the event that something really does happen to your Facebook account.

Secondly, you must realize that there is an ongoing debate between whether you should allow certain functionality to be activated in your group. As a group administrator, you will be able to have control over several elements of your Facebook group, to include the postings on your group's wall, pictures, links, and videos. While controversy does ensue regarding opinions about which features you should activate, or disable, you should maintain as much functionality as you possibly can in your group. Facebook groups' platform already has limited features, and, for this reason, you must maximize your usage, and allowance, of each one.

Thirdly, you must realize that Facebook groups' platform can be a huge money making avenue for you, if you so choose to use your group in this manner. Because of the activation of direct clickable website links that are allowed in just about every section of your Facebook group, you are afforded a tremendous opportunity to subtly promote yourself, your business, your products, your services, or your eHow articles.

Had you created your Facebook group around uniting all car lovers worldwide, your group members would most certainly be interested in being presented with your eHow articles about how to fix your car. As you draw people of like interest to you, while exerting an incredible influence on them, your displayed Info Barrel articles will be viewed more as a 'resource', rather than as spam. Not only will your like-minded group members join your group, and invite their friends, but, they will also visit each new article you post, and, quite possibly, click on the advertisements that will make you money on eHow.

Fourthly, you must ensure that the fellow administrators you assign are of like mind in regards to the overall governance of your group. Your group's vulnerability to spam will certainly increase in direct correlation to your group's membership growth. With that said, you can't possibly spend every waking hour of the day monitoring your group. Even the most die-hard computer nerd needs a break from time-to-time. When you need a break to run errands or engage in other requirements of life, you can rest assured that your fellow passionate administrators will take the reins, handle spam, and manage your group effectively.

Lastly, you must realize that by creating a Facebook group you are attempting to rally a group of people around a common theme, or goal. This isn't easy, but, the steps you take initially to build a solid foundation for your group will be directly reflected in your members interest in it, and their willingness to make return visits to upload pictures, post comments on your group wall, or engage in conversation on your group's discussion board. If you are able to make your group appealing to these members, these return visits can equate to consistent, daily, interest that is generated in the community, which will also drive people to your helpful eHow article resources.

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