Long Island Ice TeaA Long Island Ice Tea is a globally renowned drink known for containing a ton of alcohol and somehow managing to come out with a great taste. A Long Island Ice Tea is extremely potent and contains a lot of alcohol. If you can't handle the amount of booze in the drink, I would suggest cutting all the ingredients in half and having a lighter Long Island Ice Tea!


1oz Vodka
1oz Tequila
1oz Rum
1oz Gin
1oz Triple Sec
1.5oz Sweet And Sour Mix
1 Splash Cola

Take your Collins glass, and fill it with your desired level of ice. Next mix in 1oz Vodka, 1oz Tequila, 1oz Rum, 1oz Gin, 1oz Triple Sec and 1.5oz of Sweet and Sour Mix. Stir it all up and then pour in a splash of your favorite Cola.

How To Make Your Own Sweet N Sour Mix