There is nothing more exciting to a couple than when a new child is on the way. Sonogram photographs are one of the few precious things you get to keep after a pregnancy is over, well, aside from the baby of course!

Many sonogram technicians will tell you that you can damage the sonogram photo by placing it in a photocopier. If you don't care about the original, feel free to photocopy it or scan it, but if you are looking at preserving the original there are a few things you can do.

The best way to preserve the original photograph is to purchase a photo album with plastic sleeves; this will prevent oxygen from eating away at the chemicals on the photo paper. Throwing your pictures in a box will actually slowly deteriorate your photos over time.

The other thing you can do, especially if you want to share your sonograms with friends and family is take a digital backup of your pictures. We won't use a scanner, because we don't want to expose the original to stressful conditions, so what we will do is take pictures of them with our digital camera.

To take a decent picture of your sonogram, first find a nice flat well lit area. Next, turn the flash off on your digital camera so that you don't get a reflection in your picture. Once you are ready to go, get your camera 16 to 20 inches from the picture, then zoom in or out so that the outside of the picture will be just inside the sonogram image itself. Snap your digital picture and transfer it to your computer. You now have a digital backup of your sonogram that can last a life time, even if your original picture gets lots or damaged.