Cute Dog In GrassStopping Doggy Farts

Dogs are mammals and like any mammal can get gas now and then. Some dogs, like humans are worse than others. If your dog happens to torture you with their toots, there are a few things you can do.

1. First of all, try taking your dog on more frequent walks. If he is passing gas on a regular basis, perhaps he just needs to go to the bathroom.

2. Next, like humans, dogs don't have the easiest time digesting milk. If you ever give your dog milk, as much as he may like it, stop. It is a one stop shop for doggy farts.

3. Another very common problem is the food you feed your pooch. Check the ingredients on the bag. If soybeans are one of the first ingredients on the list, you should probably change your dog's food as soybeans are notorious for causing gas in your pup. There are alternatives that both don't contain soybeans as well as contain just a little.

4. Check to see if your dog food contains a lot of corn. Many dog foods contain a lot of corn and unfortunately many dogs also have intolerance to corn.

5. Finally, don't feed your dog when the family eats. Chances are your dog will think that if he can finish all his food first, you might give him some of your leftovers. Feed your dog by himself and make sure you don't over feed him. Measure the exact amount of food to meet his daily requirements. Over feeding your dog can cause food to sit in his stomach longer than it should and will start to create extra gas. Also, if he is rushing, he is probably going to be gulping down a lot more oxygen than necessary and it is eventually going to have to find its way out of his stomach one way or another.