KittenIt is bad enough we have to wake up most mornings earlier than we would like, but there is one thing that is even more annoying than the alarm. When our cats decide to wake us up when they feel its time for you to get out of bed and pay them some attention.

I am going to give you five insightful tips to teach you how to get your cat to leave you the hell alone when the last thing you want to do is be woken up at 4am when your alarm won't be ringing for a couple more hours.

5 Tips to Stop Your Cat from Waking You Up

5. Close the door
Yes, closing the door is probably the easiest thing you can do. Unfortunately a lot of people actually enjoy letting their cat or cats sleep with them. If you can handle spending the night without your cat, just shut the door and enjoy a sleep free of cats trying to sleep on your face.

4. Keep a squirt bottle bedside
You don't need a super soaker, but if your cat insists on giving you a kitty massage in the middle of the night, grab your spray bottle and mist the little fur ball. After a few nights of spraying they usually start to get the idea

3. Feed them late at night
By feeding your cat late at night, they won't wake up in the middle of the night starving. Anything you can do to deter your cat from waking you up for one of their needs is another thing that could supply you with a few extra hours of hassle free snoozing.

2. Tire them out before bed
If your cat hasn't had much exercise they might not require as much sleep and as far as they know, why shouldn't you be up if they are up? If you play with your cat for a little bit before you go to bed, they will most likely be much more tired and won't want to get up at the break of dawn.

1. Evil noises
This one is pretty much a last resort, but we all know cats HATE vacuums, blow dryers and other loud noises. Every time they wake you up prematurely, give them a dose of their most hated noise. You can easily accomplish this by keeping a blow dryer plugged in beside your bed. The biggest issue with turning on a loud piece of equipment in the middle of the night is it might actually wake you up too! However, after scaring the crap out of them a few times, they usually learn that waking you up is not the most fun kitty activity.