Prada SunglassesSaving Money On Designer Sunglasses

I will admit it; I have an obsession with expensive sunglasses. I haven't always had this problem; I used to buy three or four pairs of $10 sunglasses from the cheap skate kiosk stands at the mall. Without fail, every year they would fall apart.

After years of having these cheap sunglasses fall apart, I decided to splurge and test out buying an expensive pair of Versace's sunglasses to see how they held up in comparison. To my surprise they were made with one hundred times better craftsmanship and aside from being much more durable, I was more inclined to take better care of them since I paid so much to get them.

I eventually decided I wanted another pair of expensive sunglasses, this time Prada's. I was at Time Square in New York City and decided to treat myself again. I spent roughly $300 on these sunglasses. After doing a little research, I discovered I could have bought the same sunglasses online from for nearly $100 less. That is a 33% savings!

The biggest problem with buying your sunglasses online though, is the fact that you have no idea how they are going to look on you before you buy them. So here is how you pull this one off.

Go to your favorite local designer sunglass retail store, and try on all the sunglasses you like. Find the pairs that look good on you and simply write down the make and model number. The model number can typically be found on the inside of the sunglasses arm. Take this model number and brand and go home and log on to Search for the make and model you want to buy; for example say you want a pair of VERSACE VE 4044B. Go to and simply put the phrase 'VERSACE VE 4044B' in their search box. Within seconds you will be shown the product. Compare the price to your local shop, and if it is substantially cheaper, which it should be since Amazon has such insane buying power, simply purchase your designer sunglasses online!

Congratulations, you probably just saved yourself one hundred dollars or more!