A successful college curriculum is one that allows students to become one with their fellow peers to attain knowledge and wisdom about the thought provoking questions that they might have towards any subject. In order to converse properly with their peers on that particular subject, they would first need to learn how to speak. CollegeCommunication is the key to exchange ideas with others, and therefore, a class that teaches students how to communicate verbally and nonverbally with others should become a requirement for all. This class will develop their performance from speaking in front of several hundred people to talking with a few friends.

In this day and age, most people only know what they hear or read on television, newspaper or even in the classroom. Therefore, a "think outside the box" type of classroom should be added. Here, the class will be exposed to new thoughts about life and reality that are not exposed on the daily newspaper or television.

The formatting of classes should reflect what the student wants to major in. People majoring in music should take music courses and people majoring in chemistry or biology should take science courses. Required courses should take place of basic courses. These basics should only be given to those that scored low on their standardized tests. By doing this, people can become successful at what they want to be in a shorter amount of time.