While many, who see this article, may immediately disregard it with a simple roll of their eyes, my inspiration for writing it was founded upon a Facebook group that I had recently encountered. With over 887,000+ current members, it is clearly obvious that a national sentiment towards declining interest in homework requirements has emerged. Of course, it is likely that these same sentiments existed decades ago, however, as evidence by this Facebook Group's incredible membership growth, it has not been until recently that disgruntled students have had the technological means to rally around a cause in much the same way they are able to do now.

While this Info Barrel article won't necessarily provide a case for, or against, homework, it is simply being written in the event that a student, or parent, of course, would like to have homework permanently banned. Before brushing this article off as being complete nonsense, that is done in pure humor, however, there is a fundamental, and serious, debate that is raging on regarding the importance of homework. With that said, it is my own personal opinion that the well-being of our children should be foremost in our minds, whether on a local level or on a policy-making level echelons above.

Things You Will Need

Interest in this Debate
Courage to Stand for What You Believe, whether You Believe in Banning Homework or Not
Many resources can be found in this article, Below!

Step 1

Joining a Facebook group is simple. However, familiarizing yourself with a topic, or debate, is quite another thing. In my introduction to this article, I briefly detailed how the case for homework has become a very legitimate argument in the United States, and elsewhere. While I do have my own reservations about the elimination of the homework requirement, my hope is that this argument will not be made simple, because the future of our children will rely extensively on our ability to be rational in a debate that is inherently complex by its very nature.

Here is a Book you may want to consider reading, while attempting to familiarize yourself with this homework debate!:
The Case Against Homework: How Homework Is Hurting Children and What Parents Can Do About It

If homework is to be banned, my hope is that another solution will emerge that will adequately meet the learning needs of our children. To simply call for its banning out of sheer frustration and disinterest would be doing our children a great disservice, however, it is entirely plausible that greater resources could be spent on other activities that address our kid's learning needs in a better way than homework does.

Step 2

If you do decide that you err on the side of this argument that favors the banning of homework, you must be aware that technology has made it is easy for mass groups of people to assemble. While assembly is easy, a group's creator, and facilitator, may often find it difficult to leverage that particular group's growth towards effecting change. With that said, the "Petition to Ban Homework" Facebook Group is a great place to begin. There, you can find thousands of others, of like mind, who have assembled in the attempt to let their voices be known. I do, however, caution you that one's joining of this group may be done strictly out of fun, or simply because they just don't want to do homework anymore.

This mentality should be avoided, and, once again, it is imperative that one familiarize themselves with the legitimate aspects of this debate. Banning homework for the sake of banning homework doesn't ultimately serve the best interest of our children, however, once again, great consideration can be given towards exploring alternatives to homework that could better meet the learning needs of our children.

Step 3

Let me know your thoughts! What side do you err on in this argument? Have you joined the above mentioned Facebook group? Let me know at the tail end of this article, in my comments' section!

When the words "ban homework" are thrown out, it immediately elicits a picture of somewhat 'lazy' students that would rather do something 'more productive' with their time. This is understandable, however, the purpose of this article was to shed light on the fact that there really are many opponents to homework requirements that really do have legitimate cases. Prior to pursuing your own individual effort(s) towards attempting to ban homework, it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the argument, and any viable alternatives to it.

Tips & Warnings

If you are successful in banning homework, through a petition or assembly in a massive Facebook group, it is important to know that the chances are highly likely that a viable alternative to alternative will emerge. Whether this means greater classroom workload or not, this should be expected because those who are charged with the duty of educating would be doing students a great disservice if they eliminated homework without good reason.

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