Service in the U.S. Army, however long, will present even the newest recruit with an opportunity to display their own hard-earned U.S. Army ribbons. Simply graduating from Army basic combat training will guarantee this same recruit at least two ribbons that they can effectively add to their U.S. ribbons rack. The required length of a military enlistment, especially nowadays, will offer a soldier a variety of opportunities for federal and state service and, subsequently, they will definitely earn more military medals and ribbons with each tour they complete.

Whether a soldier be a new recruit, or a seasoned military combat veteran, it is imperative that these same soldiers adhere to the standardized military uniform regulations that are well documented in AR 670-1. These same military uniform standards have been updated, as needed, and serve as a foundational framework for the wear and appearance of all U.S. Army uniforms. In basic combat training, U.S. Army drill sergeants are charged with the incredible task of instilling these same standards, along with various other principles concerning U.S. military training, into our nation' ™s finest during every stage of their intense training.

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Things You Will Need

  • a Copy of AR 670-1
  • All Your Authorized Military Medals, Awards, Ribbons, Devices, and Decorations for Your Military Uniform Can Be Found at a Variety of Online Military Website Stores! (If you don't have them already)

*NOTE: While your ribbons aren't necessarily a reflection of your weapon's proficiency, other elements of the military uniform do rely extensively on knowing what is in this powerful aggregation of military manuals. Learn those things and you'll be one step ahead of your peers (and, can teach them a thing or two).

Step 1

Whether found online, or offline, you should immediately obtain a copy of AR 670-1. You should be able to find a copy at your U.S. Army base, or for National Guard and Reserve soldiers, you should be able to find one at your home unit or station. The correct placement of your U.S. Army ribbons rack will be just one element of all the requirements of specific measurements for the correct wear and appearance of your U.S. Army Class-A, Class-B, or other service uniforms.
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Step 2

Many U.S. Army units will have a poster hanging up that displays all the U.S. Army ribbons that you may be entitled to wear on your military ribbons rack. If they don't, in this article, you can find website links to companies that will not only sell you your U.S. Army ribbons, but most of these companies also have a tremendous service called any army ribbon rack builder. While the ultimate goal of these companies is to have you engage their service, and ultimately sell you through product, this is a completely free service to use nonetheless.

By clicking your correct authorized ribbons, through this army ribbon rack builder service, you can automatically have your military ribbon rack assembled with almost no effort from yourself. Once you have completely checked off every ribbon you are authorized, this website service is structured specifically to give you a complete visual representation of your entire assembled army ribbon rack.

Step 3

In order to ensure that you have all the right ribbons checked, just like I had mentioned in other Info Barrel articles, you should strongly consider obtaining a tangible print-out of all your ribbons. When I last assembled my army ribbons rack, I went down the list of each particular army ribbon and medal, and highlighted it in order to be absolutely sure that I had included it in my selection. Besides highlighting, you may consider simply crossing out each ribbon, as you check it off in the army ribbon rack service system website. This will simply help you to maintain organization.

Step 4

This army ribbon rack builder is an awesome service because you can either click through to purchase your assembled army ribbon rack, or you can, instead, just use the resulting picture as a guide by which to assemble your own. If you choose not to purchase from the offering company, most military personnel have had great success with finding all their authorized military ribbons, and other general military awards, devices and decorations for their military uniform, at their bases' ™ nearby local clothing and sales store. While an online military medals and ribbons company will charge you roughly a dollar more for each individual ribbon row that you would like mounted, this might not be that bad of an expense compared to the lengthy drive that a National Guardsman, or Army Reservist, may have to make in order to obtain these objects for their military uniform.

Your U.S. Army ribbon rack can be one of the most visually appealing complements to your U.S. Army dress uniform. In fact, it was specifically intended to be a powerful expression of your service achievements and accomplishments. For this reason, it is imperative that you give adequate time to ensuring that it is assembled correctly, in accordance with established U.S. Army Standard Regulations.

Tips & Warnings

Purchasing your army ribbon rack through an online store is a viable alternative to the work required to gathering all your ribbons, and devices, and actually take the time to assemble it yourself. Even still, many people have had great experiences with the professionalism of these online services. If you don't ultimately purchase from any given company or website that has an integrated U.S. Army ribbon rack builder, at the very least, you can utilize this service as a tool to help guide your assemble of your Army ribbon rack from beginning to end.

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