Whether you have served a lengthy combat tour overseas with the U.S. Military, or have been stationed on the home front, every serviceman, and woman, will, at some point in time, have a need to create their own U.S. Military ribbons rack. For casual military formal occasions, or perhaps your own military-themed wedding, a service member's military awards ribbon rack is essentially the most bold and highlighted aspect of the military uniform. This Info Barrel article will teach you how to build your own military ribbons rack for all your military medals and awards.

Things You Will Need

  • Ribbons (Can be purchased at Various Online Military Ribbon and Medal Awards Stores, found online)
  • Ribbons Mount
  • Devices that go on Each Ribbon
  • Time, and Patience, to Review military ribbons rack builder Websites

*NOTE: While your ribbons aren't necessarily a reflection of your weapon's proficiency, other elements of the military uniform do rely extensively on knowing what is in this powerful aggregation of military manuals. Learn those things and you'll be one step ahead of your peers (and, can teach them a thing or two).

Step 1

You can find all the items required for the assembly of your ribbon rack at a variety of online stores. If you do not want to purchase them online, many service members can find all their ribbons, military awards and decorations, and military medals at their base's local clothing and sales store. Purchasing your military ribbons rack online can be very convenient because most online stores actually supply you with a military ribbons rack builder, in which you can easily check off a picture of your awarded ribbon, and have it included in an accurate visual representation of your military ribbon rack.

Step 2

If you chose to have your military ribbons rack created by an online company, there really isn't much more for you to do in this process. While you are going through their online military ribbons rack builder process, it does help to be cognizant of what you are doing. You may easily forget to check off one of your military ribbons, and, for that reason, it will be excluded in the final pictorial presentation before you are offered an opportunity to purchase. Attention to detail is definitely required if you are utilizing this awesome online service.

I do highly recommend that you check out a few online military-type stores, because many military ribbons rack specific stores have great builders that are very user friendly.

Step 3

If you chose to build your ribbon rack without the assistance of an online ribbon rack builder service, you'll definitely have to pay attention to the fine details of your ribbon selection. Prior to going to your local military clothing and sales on base, I do highly recommend that you obtain a print out of your authorized awards. The last thing you want to do is getting the wrong ribbons, or more or less ribbons, along with the wrong military ribbons placements on your military ribbons rack frame.

Step 4

I would highly recommend assembling your ribbon rack under a bright light over your kitchen table. When handling so many small pieces, like your additional military ribbon devices, something could easily slip out of your hands, onto the floor, only to never be seen again. If missing even one piece occurs, it could make your available ribbons incompatible with your military ribbons rack frame and might even require an extra visitation to your military clothing and sales. For national guardsmen, and reserve, soldiers, this trip may be difficult to make and an online service may be out of your particular item.

Military ribbons racks, when assembled properly, can be an object of sheer beauty as it complements the remainder of your uniform quite nicely. For this reason, attention to detail is necessary in order to ensure that your military ribbons rack is assembled in the best way possible.

Tips & Warnings

If you have to attend a formal military event, I highly recommend NOT waiting just a few days before the event to square away your uniform, and your military ribbons rack. It's oftentimes difficult to anticipate, no matter how much you are willing to pay for expedited shipping, if an online company will be able to get you a particular item, military ribbon or award, on time.

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