Whether your selected combat boot brand of choice be a Belleville product, or one of countless other options, some military personnel may put little thought into the care of their boots. With the increasing demands of servicemen, and women, allocating time for the successful upkeep of one's military combat boots certainly may not be a concept that many would give even a brief, yet deserved, passing thought to. Even still, the importance of taking care of one's boots, no matter how reliable and durable they are, or that you may perceive them to be, is an inherent concept that should extend to all of your military gear and equipment, without hesitancy or reservation.

In line with the professionalism that many, in the military, have been trained to embody and uphold to its maximum, it only follows to naturally think that service men, and women, would want to take care of the things that belong to them. After all, even down to one's set of long lasting and heavy duty boots, the way you present yourself, as a United States' soldier, marine, airman, or sailor, is, and will be, an incredible expression of who you are as a person, and the service branch that you may represent. Upon taking the oath of enlistment, not only did you vow to do all that is in your power to uphold the Constitution of the United States, but you also vowed to act in the most steadfast manner: with your military professionalism resonating as a cornerstone of your service.

With research, any military personnel will find countless resources regarding the caring for, and upkeep, of any of a wide array of their military gear. For this reason, boot companies, like Bellville Shoes, have become prominently known for incorporating at least a small section on their website that briefly references exactly how to take care of your military combat boots. After all, you may pay a lot for those boots, in the first place, so, it's only fitting that you take all necessary steps to ensure that they are taken care of at the end of each workday.

Long days training out in the field on the home front, or confined to a middle Eastern combat arena, will, no doubt, push even the most durable, and reliable, set of boots to their limits in terms of wear ability and comfort. Just like it is important to thoroughly clean out your nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) gas mask, however so also is it important to give consideration to your military combat boots, as well.

A soft bristled brush should be used on a regular basis in order to help remove dirt from your new, or conditioned, set of military combat boots. Not only does a dirty set of boots just look highly unattractive, unappealing, and most important, unprofessional, but, doing this, can also keep one from trudging unnecessary dirt, or mud, into your living quarters. Overseas, where up to 10 soldiers have been known to share a small living arrangement, in a tent nestled in the heart of Iraq or Afghanistan, you may want to consider doing this outside your tent, so as to not bring outside dirt in. Not only will your battle buddies be happy, but most likely, they will also expect this from you.

Regardless of your selected boot brand of choice, you should always air dry your boots, as well. With frequent access to dryers, this may be a subtle temptation, although air-drying your boots, at room temperature, will better ensure that no unnecessary deformity, or shrinkage, occurs. Along with this, one should also be sure not to expose your boots to direct intense heat, although this may be a difficult concept to apply considering the United States' Military's recent increased occupation of barren, desert-like countries.

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