When starting a craft project you are often faced with the dilemma of having to choose what kind of materials you will have to make it out of. The same goes for yarn projects like crocheting and knitting where the type of yarn that you use in your project can make or break a pattern.

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Some of the yarn that is the hardest to figure out would be the acrylic yarns. There are so many different types of acrylic yarn that it could be hard to figure out what you will need for what you are doing. Some acrylics are good only for making things like blankets and scarves, while yet others can handle being made into stiff object like bags, and counter top runners. One thing you want to keep in mind when working with acrylic is that a lot of acrylic isn't very heat resistant. You need to be careful if you plan on ironing the project or using it as a hot pad or something else that might be near heat, otherwise you will melt your hard work as soon as it is put to use.
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Another yarn you can work with is regular wool yarn. This yarn is the best material that you could use to make a hat, sweater or other object meant to keep a person warm. Wool naturally is the best for keeping in the warmth. Of course there are many different types of wool some are softer then others and some keep in heat better then others. Be careful if you are planning on making a present out of what you are making though. Some people have allergic reactions to this fiber. One more thing you need to be careful of is that if you make a project out of this material you want to wash it gently. Wool is pron to shrinking and loosing its shape when put in water and heat for the first couple times. This could be a problem for many people who are new to using this fiber, but some people have managed to use this shrinking and felting nature to make their projects even better.

Yet another yarn that you can use is cotton. This yarn can also shrink like the wool did, but it doesn't felt like wool. This yarn is best for making objects that might be near heat or water. Cotton is probably the best fiber for you to make something like a washcloth or towel out of. This fiber can absorb water a lot better then wool or acrylic fibers can. It also handles heat without melting like acrylic would.
So in the end if you are looking for something soft and fluffy to be worn for comfort you can use acrylic yarns. If you want something to keep very warm with in the winter winds go with wool fibers and if you need something for around the kitchen go with cotton.