Welcome to the wonderful and exciting world of Naturalistic Terrariums for peace of mind and well being. I'm sure we have all felt the stress that can be caused by living in a chaotic and overwhelming environment. Whether you live in a city or simple have a busy and full household. The ability to bring a small part of the peace you feel when surrounded by nature is one of the few benefits of creating a Naturalist Terrarium in your home. No matter how difficult life me seem this small bastion of calm will be your life line to anchor you to your sanity. This process will be a therapeutic one that will involve elements of problem solving, creativity, and complex reasoning. I hope we are all ready to change our lives and transform our futures.

Things you will need:
Tank, decorations, possibly silicone, Plexiglas, and fortitude.

First and foremost this process is about expressing yourself; if at any time you feel frustrated or discouraged don't give up. Take a break.

1. First thing I always recommend is get lots of pictures that will help to give you examples of what you may want to do. You can search through naturalism magazines or in magazines for Pets. You can even look through home and garden books and magazines. Go anywhere and everywhere for inspiration. Even if that is your backyard or your neighbors.

2. The second thing you're going to need to do is decide where you want to put your Naturalist Terrarium and how big you would like it to be. You want to make sure it is in a location that you already find relaxing and enjoy spending time. If it is somewhere you hate to be then you will never get to enjoy it. You also want to make sure it is in a relatively low traffic area that is unless you are trying to bring peace and calm to everyone else as well. Now you also want to consider we are going to be incorporating a lot of live plants and animals in to this, and because of this it's important to remember that if it is receiving too much direct sunlight it may overheat. Now some light will be a benefit and help to plants to grow and developed but too much can cook everything in what is essentially a glass box.

3. This is the step that is really and truly key to everything else. This more than anything else will most likely determine your ability to succeed, whether it is through the ability to acquire resources or the time it will take to put everything together. This is the all important step of choosing what size you want to do. Now it is true that many people believe the bigger the size the better, but as is also true in many other aspects of life it isn't always the size that matters but simply how you use it. Even the smallest conceivable terrarium can give great pleasure and joy to its creator and to those around if simply produced in a pleasing manner. It's important that you look around and decided how much space you really have to devote to this. It's true you could replace you couch and TV with a terrarium but then your family may get some what upset. I would recommend, if this is your first time, to go with something small and ease into the project. I think a twenty to twenty-nine gallon terrarium is perfect for the not so certain novice.

The size tank will give you all the flexibility necessary to create a terrarium with a wide range of aspects and environments while not being overly difficult to work with. Of course if you are still drawn to a much larger or smaller tank then this article will still remain relevant to your endevour. The last thing about the tank you need to consider is do you prefer to have and opening on the top or in the front. There are many tanks on the market now days that have both an opening on the top and front. Some have folding hinged doors while others have sliding doors. These tanks are especially handy if you are using a very tall tank because they allow you easy access to the bottom of the tank without need in a ladder and a repelling rope. Also, many people appreciate the ability to open the front of their tank and see the world they have create unhindered by and obstruction. Regardless of which opening design you choose size will set the tone for your tank.

4. This is the step in which we really delve into what your concept for the tank should be. Fist you should decide whether you would enjoy a tropical system, dessert environment, or perhaps more of a rainforest with water features. You also want to consider what types of animals and plants are best for you. It's important that when you find a plant or animal you do considerable research on the care and requirements otherwise you may find yourself with something that is beyond your ability and no one will enjoy a terrarium if everything in it is dead. Also you'll want to look and see how well the plants do and animals interact. Some animals will eat your plants while others simply can't live without them. This will be a key element in determine the directions you want to go.

5. Now that we have chosen a tank and gotten a better idea of the animals and plants we would like we need to begin collecting decorations for our terrarium. The first place to start is on the bottom. If we are going with a dry dessert type's environment then we will most likely use a type of sand and perhaps gravel. Lots of very good sand can be purchase at your local pet store or you can get different grade sand from either a home and garden store or a Nursery. If you have decided on the tropical system then things will be slightly more difficult. It's important the you pick substrates that will be able to trap a lot of moisture without drying out too quickly or rotting.

It's also important to keep in mind that some plants can root quite deeply and require water drainage to stay healthy. The best solution it layers you substrates. I like to always start with a layer of large gravel that will allow water to drain into it from the soil. The next thing I like to do is put some kind of mesh overtop of the gravel to prevent loose soil from penetrating. Once you have done this then the best thing to do is layer a mixture of organic potting soil and moss over top of it. Once you have planted any plants you may want to add I like to then cover the exposed dirt with either moss or bark. This will help to prevent any of your animals from eating the dirt or getting the dirt in any water features you may add.

6. Now you will want to begin delicately placing any plants you have chosen throughout you terrarium, as well as arranging any moss, bark, tree branches, or stones as well. You may also want to consider adding a back grounds of some king or attaching bark or moss to the back of the tank to help focusing in on whets growing inside.

7. After you have finally arranged all of your elements and ensure you are happy with you can add any types of frog's lizards or insects you might find appealing in this environment. Sometimes the best part is watching all the unexpected things they will do once set free in your terrarium.

It may seem an impossible task but I assure you with a little planning a foresight your can create the most beautiful terrariums to help enhance you light and increase your relaxation and overall wellness.

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