From changing your car's oil to hanging a shelf, modern society has clearly required a need to learn how to DIY (how to do-it-yourself). Even though books and libraries are slowly, yet gradually, fading out, as the information age begins to take a strictly cyber foothold, these aren't the only resources that are available to a skilled craftsman, or stay at home mom (or dad), about how to conquer their latest home improvement plight. With a multitude of websites also currently available, for search, at your very finger tips, you can learn just about how to do anything. From simple, to very challenging, websites like Info Barrel and Squidoo provide awesome platforms to learn how to DIY, in just about any activity your heart may desire to do. The reason why these particular websites are so effective in helping everyday people, like you and I, learn how to do just about any task.

Things You Will Need

a Computer
a Local Bookstore, like Barnes and Noble or Borders

Step 1

First, it is important to determine what task or activity, exactly, that you would like to learn 'how to diy'. Typically this requirement will emerge as a result of a sheer need that life hands you to tackle on your own. It is at those critical times when you must fix something that was ordinarily working just fine that one will require a fast, clear, and understandable solution to their recent problems or circumstance.

It is human nature to become so enthralled by solutions that these revenue sharing websites, like Info Barrel, have become such big hits, lately, in the cyber community. In fact, it was in the early 1950's when this desire was pointed out, and a market gradually began to develop. Ever since millions upon millions of dollars have been made by simply finding new and unique avenue channels to help solve or address the information needs and requirements of complete strangers.

Step 2

Whether your preferred method of online search navigation be to plug in a grouping of search keywords in Google, or to simply browse/surf an existing 'how to diy' website yourself that you feel comfortable with, you would be surprised just how much information is readily available to you. While conducting a casual search of the Info Barrel article submission, revenue sharing, platform, the simple word "cook" elicited quite a few results that sparked my creative passion in all things food.

Not only could I learn how to cook bacon on my own grill, but I also learned how to cook and prepare a snake. Never before has information been available to such an amazing extent, and, unfortunately, we oftentimes take these simple search possibilities for granted.

Step 3

In the rare event that a Google or Yahoo search, coupled with an internal website search, doesn't elicit the results that you desired, you can fall back on regular print media at your local library or Barnes and Noble/Borders book store. While the chances are highly unlikely that you will be unable to find this 'how to diy' information yourself, through online means, there are crazy objects known as books that are also available. Surprisingly, however, if a simple internet search doesn't elicit direct results to an Info Barrel page, it may just direct you to a book that you can purchase through an online book retailer website, like Amazon or Overstock, as well.

Step 4

Where you were unable to find your own needed information, it may not hurt to try to fill that information void with your own contributions. By registering for an account with Info Barrel, you can immediately begin to share your knowledge with the masses. Ultimately, if you are having difficulty finding information on any one particular task or activity, it is very possible that others may one day seek the same information that you are seeking. With this in mind, it won't hurt to do what you can to add to the sum total of human knowledge that has been compiled and extensively aggregated on the internet.

Info Barrel, as well as many other article submission websites, is completely Free to join. While I have particularly gravitated to Info Barrel for their generous 75%-90% Google Adsense revenue sharing platform, there are other websites that will offer you a lot less, yet you can still write for them. Even though I would never advise against the platform you choose to write on, I do strongly believe that you should be given fair and just compensation for your hard work in helping to gradually expand our world's knowledge base.

With that said, if you are interested, you can Join Info Barrel here (No Referral Link), or, it would be an absolute honor to have you sign up for this great free service here (Referral Link). Either way, you may find their user friendly platform, and customer service, to be far superior to similar websites like Instructables or eHow. Whatever drives you to write, however, I sincerely hope that you will consider sharing your passion to the world.

With the correct keyword optimization, coupled with a well written article, there are many freelance writers who earn a great passive income from writing online and their articles are almost immediately picked up by the search engines. Because of the already established authority of Info Barrel, your articles will immediately find its way to the top of search rankings.
Learning how to diy can really be a tedious process if it isn't conducted in the right manner. With a plethora of resources immediately available at your very finger tips, you may find a few reliable resources amongst a handful of resources that are pure garbage. Ultimately, it will benefit you if you committed to doing a decent amount of research concerning whatever topic it is you are interested in learning. While one website article may provide certain actionable steps, another website may offer a completely different set of steps, and you may wonder which one works best or if they are both legitimate (and safe) approaches to the task or activity at hand.

Tips & Warnings

Safety should be paramount in anything you do. While learning how to make a bunk bed well may not incur significant bodily harm, there are a wealth of how to diy instructions that require the interested person to be completely of their own body mechanics. This is not limited to body mechanics, but, also encompasses a general regard for safety in yourself, as well as, the tools and environment around you.